Things You Must Know Before You Outsource SEO

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Classic SEO techniques are the ones which were extensively used in the earlier days of SEO. When search engines were during their infancy phase, these classic SEO techniques helped a lot of websites in ranking higher among their competitors. However, with the ever-changing ranking systems, new (read on...)

Keyword Research Is an Important Part of SEO

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Before diving into keyword research, type this phrase in your browser’s search box, “SEO services in Michigan.” Your search engine will pick this up and show all the relevant or related websites. The words you typed are really keywords or more accurately a keyword phrase. The (read on...)

Some Important SEO Terms: Keyword Density, Stuffing and Proximity

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There are multiple factors involved in determining the ranking of a website and there are different strategies that can be used to make these factors work for you. One such factor involved in SEO is Keywords. In the previous article “Keywords at a Glance” we had a general discussion (read on...)

SEO 101 – Part 2

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The trouble with building SEO knowledge quickly and easily is that SEO has more than its fair share of specialist terms, definitions and acronyms – commonly known as ‘geek speak’. The language of SEO is littered with dedicated industry terminology. This language that can, to the (read on...)

Keyword Optimization – How Much Is Too Much?

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The subject of keyword optimisation, the ideal amount and how much is too much is a highly debated topic. One thing that the experts do agree on however, is that website copy should read naturally to its visitors and should not appear overly optimised. We want to attract visitors to our site, but (read on...)

Google Website Ranking – Why Should I Be Concerned

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Are you wondering about your Google website ranking? Many website owners do not know how to determine how high or how low they rank with Google even if they know that this is fairly important. To determine your rank, it is advised that you check out your Google website ranking at Google’s (read on...)

Reasons For Google Blacklisting

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Getting a Google ban is more like getting a life sentence in jail where you are alive but your life has no more meaning. More and more websites nowadays are blacklisted by Google due to keyword stuffing to get a top rank on the search engine. Google blacklisting is done to keep the internet clean (read on...)

Search Engine Optimization Demystified For More Traffic to Your Website

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Search engine optimization or SEO is simply a “geek term” for the process of planning, designing, constructing and promoting your website to maximize the quantity of targeted visitor traffic it generates. If you are a small business owner, you probably realize that SEO is one of the (read on...)

Website Health Check – Keyword Blunders – Part 2

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If you have read the first part of the article, you should by now be aware of the basics of keywords and the importance of Website Health Check. Keyword density is another important aspect of Search Engine Optimization and will be dealt with in this article. Some more blunders in keywords such as (read on...)

The 6 Most Important Search Engine Ranking Factors

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When beginning an SEO campaign, it can be quite confusing when attempting to understand what exactly you need to optimise. The truth is that it is actually relatively simple to understand. There are over 200 factors taken into consideration when working out rankings for keyword, but the following (read on...)

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