Using Crazy Egg to Fine Tune Your PPC Campaigns

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The title of this post may be slightly misleading – “fine tune” may not be the appropriate word. Boost, propel, even skyrocket might be better words. Imagine knowing exactly where, on your landing page, people are most likely to click? Knowing how far down the page visitors are (read on...)

3 Insider’s Tips to Get Your Facebook Ad Approved

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When you’ve spent a good deal of time preparing your ad and setting up your landing page, it’s very disheartening to then have your ad disapproved. What’s even more frustrating is having no clue of why it’s not being approved. So I’m going to let you in on a few (read on...)

How to Know If Your Landing Page Is Effective

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We’ve been talking a lot lately about how to build an effective landing page: Clear headline, strong call-to-action, consistency with your ad copy, simple, concise writing. But the question remains: How do you know if you have on that is effective? I’m sure the first answer that pops (read on...)

10 Tips for Kick-Ass Landing Page Copy

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There’s more to a great landing page than just the copy. But without solid, clear, focused writing, you might as well send people to your homepage.Here are 10 tips for writing copy that closes the sale! 1. Speak to your potential buyer’s deepest wish, dream, need, or desire. Immerse (read on...)

Here Are 15 Best Practices for Emailing

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1) Make sure your links are visible and have several of them. Do not bury them in images- remember, you are emailing in order to sell your product. 2) Use images judiciously. We know that images do help to get a reader’s attention; however, many readers will not see them so they end (read on...)

Have You Ever Seen A Purple Cow?

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Unless you have taken one too many pills in your day, I would go out on a limb and say that you have never seen a real, live purple cow. However, imagine that you are travelling in the countryside of Podunk Town, USA, and you stumble across a herd of cows, all passing either to the right and left (read on...)

Succeeding in Your Pay Per Click or PPC Advertisements

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Pay per click or PPC is defined as a kind of direct Internet marketing method of directing traffic to a certain website. This kind of advertisement has proven to be very profitable for companies who advertise other products or services. From this, many search engine or popular websites have (read on...)

The Five W’s of Email Marketing

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1. Who are you marketing to? Those you are marketing to are the revenue generators for your company. Marketing to the wrong crowd is almost as bad as not marketing at all. You must identify who, of the six billion people living on this earth, would be interested in your product and focus your (read on...)

Tips for Developing Effective Squeeze Pages

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Landing page optimization (LPO) will be part of a larger Online marketing strategy called conversion optimization, or Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), with the intention of increasing the percentage of customers that develop into sales leads and customers. A landing page is a webpage which is (read on...)

Need to Boost Your PPC Conversions?

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Many online businesses spend much of their time making sure their PPC campaigns are worded properly and up to date, but often fail to focus on the main point, which is PPC conversions. While getting the visitor to click on the ads is critical to a PPC campaign, what a potential customer actually (read on...)