How to Create Great Landing Pages to Boost Your PPC Campaigns

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The world of Internet marketing changes rapidly, and the term “landing page” is one that is relatively new to online businesses. If you haven’t heard the term before, it refers to a specific web page that is reached when a potential customer clicks on a PPC ad. These pages are (read on...)

How to Know If Your Landing Page Is Effective

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We’ve been talking a lot lately about how to build an effective landing page: Clear headline, strong call-to-action, consistency with your ad copy, simple, concise writing. But the question remains: How do you know if you have on that is effective? I’m sure the first answer that pops (read on...)

Succeeding in Your Pay Per Click or PPC Advertisements

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Pay per click or PPC is defined as a kind of direct Internet marketing method of directing traffic to a certain website. This kind of advertisement has proven to be very profitable for companies who advertise other products or services. From this, many search engine or popular websites have (read on...)

What You Should Know About International PPC Marketing

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So, you have finally set up a successful website and PPC campaign. You are using the right keywords, and you are positively giddy about the increase in traffic, customers, and profits you are experiencing within your own country. However, there is one question you should ask yourself before you (read on...)

Part Two: 5 Ways to Keep Fans on Your Landing Page (and Coming Back for More)

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Once potential fans reach your landing page, you have a few precious seconds to captivate their attention in order to create fans and customers. As many of you know, Facebook’s average CTR (Click Through Rate) stands lower than what most marketers are accustomed to, so we have to maximize (read on...)

Why SEM Is Worth Your While As a Small Business

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SEM – Search Engine Marketing has mostly been viewed as a tool of companies with a large budget to put themselves at the top of the search. But what most small business don’t realize is that they too can be at the top of the search or most importantly on the first page of the search (read on...)

Pay Per Click Marketing: Google AdWords Tweak

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Google recently completed testing on a new tweak to their AdWords Quality Score algorithm. This change is designed to give more weight to landing pages that Google deems have value for the searcher, raising the Quality Score for those ads. A higher quality score should lead to higher ad positions (read on...)

3 Tips to Improve Your Google AdWords Quality Score

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Google claims their latest tweak to the AdWords Quality Score will clear up the problem of ads with low-quality landing pages attaining high ad positions. Once again, the world’s greatest search engine is seeking a better experience for its searchers and pay-per-click advertisers. Google (read on...)

Six PPC Landing Page Optimization Tips

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Are your landing pages converting? Most pages don’t convert due to many wrong PPC practices. It’s your duty to tell your clients why your product is amazing and you have only seconds to make a good first impression. We’ve come up with the following tips to help you avoid the (read on...)

Top Tips For Landing Pages

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If created effectively, landing pages can be an extremely way to boost online sales. By showing your website visitors exactly what they need to see and presenting the information with a focused message, whilst hitting them with some strong call to actions you can really see and increase in your (read on...)