LinkedIn PPC Campaign Management – Everything You Need To Know

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LinkedIn ads though a bit on the expensive front, give you richer targeting options as compared to any other platform in the universe of digital marketing. Since the amount of money involved is huge (brands have to pay a minimum of $2 per click), campaign management becomes extremely critical. (read on...)

The Three Musts in Using LinkedIn

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Social media, over time has become one of the many important tools that are used in generating leads for the sales process of today’s businesses. LinkedIn is one of the more trusted tools online that can be used by business owners to their benefit. LinkedIn is a professional networking and (read on...)

Claiming Your Place on Google Places, Manta and LinkedIn

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Let’s say you’re looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. You search Google and find a series of results that look…different. Instead of “regular” listings you see a list of phone numbers, addresses, reviews, maps and links that say “Places (read on...)

Email Marketing:The Social Media Is The Perfect Marketing Tool To Complement Your Marketing Campaign

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The internet is often called the “The Information Superhighway” without its reasons. Since its evolution from the mainframe to the personal computer, the internet has taken the role of connecting web pages and websites across the globe. This information superhighway has directly (read on...)

3 Ways to Help Improve Search Engine Ranking With LinkedIn

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LinkedIn, the social media site for professional networking to make new connections, search for a job and seek potential new clients has over 40 million users to connect with. But how can it improve search engine ranking? These 3 simple changes personalizes your profile to your name and (read on...)