Using Articles To Build Your Mailing List

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Creating, building and nurturing your mailing list are extremely important parts of any new venture. After all, you want as many people as possible to be able to access your products, information or offers. There are many varied ways of doing this, but you may not have considered using articles, (read on...)

How to Write Emails That Sell Without Selling – 2 Simple Strategies to Win-Win Email Writing

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Before we discuss about writing effective emails, let’s just think about why we have our subscriber list in the first place. They need help from us and they have faith that we can help to solve their problems. However, we want to sell something to them. That is why we need to write win-win (read on...)

What Day Shouldn’t I Send an Email?

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Is it Monday, Friday, The weekend? Or even bank holidays? This question is asked too many times for us to not write about it. Many of you have the mentality of: “oh I don’t want to bother my email list” or, “I don’t want to seem pushy”. But the fact of the (read on...)

Why You Should Build An Email List From The Beginning

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Have you started your email list building campaign yet? You damn well should be if your end goal is to make lots of money online. Still, I read posts on many forums where people still have not started list building. Personally, I can understand why, even though it’s an absolute joke. Let me (read on...)

15 Creative Tips On How To Influence Your Prospects

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I was listening to a training the other day by Mia Davis. The training was all about connecting and influencing your prospects. There was lots of valuable information in her training, I just had to share with you some of what I learned. Here’s What I Learnt 1. One of the biggest mistakes (read on...)

List Building – The Basics of E-Mail Marketing

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So how do you get people to subscribe to your e-mail list? You can’t just flash a neon sign saying “subscribe here” and expect them to hand over their personal information. You need to give them a reason. Let them know that what you offer is free and that they are safe from spam (read on...)

List Building – The Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

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Some advantages of e-mail marketing are that it is a low cost way to communicate with potential clients and customers. It is certainly cheaper than direct mail. Some autoresponder services are even free. E-mail is faster than traditional mail, it is easy to access and it is a good way to remind (read on...)

Looking For Professional E-Mail Marketing Tips? Try These!

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Email marketing a good way to get a hold of customers and gain more customers. There is so many ways to utilize email marketing that it’s overwhelming for some. Follow this article to learn more about email marketing and how it benefits you. Do not send any more than a single email message (read on...)

E-Mail Marketing For The Common Folk – 7 Rules Anyone Can Use To Become a Better E-Mail Marketer

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E-Mail Marketing. It’s all about being Human. Knowing that the target audience for your goods or services are People. Folks just like you. With hopes and dreams and curiosities and problems.The more you know about them the easier it to talk to them on their level. Maybe help them with their (read on...)

Supercharge Your Email Marketing for Maximum Impact

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Since the time that email first connected people to each other online, email marketing has been an integral way of selling, marketing and otherwise promoting someone or something. Marketing through email can be a highly effective method of promotion if done correctly. How many times do you get a (read on...)

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