How To Procure Customers and Optimize Your Business With Local Search Marketing

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Local Search Marketing is critical to businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses, so that they are found by more customers. It helps elevate the presence of a local business and enables it to be found more easily by people searching for that particular product or service in their (read on...)

SoLoMo – The Collision of Social Media, Local Search Marketing and Mobile Apps

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Marketing seemed simple in the days of billboards and yellow pages. Now yellow pages go straight from porch to recycle bin. Billboards and other conventional methods are no longer creating the pull they once were. This shifted people to one of the new forms of marketing that have grown (read on...)

How to Get Traffic Using Offline Methods

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Most businesses found online are entirely ignoring the very affordable marketing methods at our disposal in the real offline world. That is a fact. It’s now time for you to bring the offline people straight right to your Internet website. Advertising and marketing offline, utilizing the (read on...)

What Is Local Search?

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Local search is when someone uses the internet to search for a local business. They might do this by using a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing or a smaller local online directory. The number of people who do this is so significant that it is vital that local businesses harness these searches (read on...)

The Advantages of Local Search Marketing

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Local search marketing is about getting a business good exposure in local search results and local directories and there’s a lot to gain by being prominent in these. Most consumers like buying from businesses close to home: I’ve seen statistics that about 80% of customers live with (read on...)

Four Must Know Reasons Why You Should Be Knowledgeable About Local Search Marketing

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The target customers of the majority of small businesses are the neighbourhood or community in which their business currently resides. An important reason behind this is because of the potential for returning customers. Returning customers would translate to increase sales as time passes by. (read on...)

Local Search Marketing: Use Videos

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The ultimate goal of local search marketing is to bring potential buyers to your actual store. There is nothing better than being able to talk to a customer face to face. Unfortunately, this is not always a possibility. Do you know what the next best thing is? It’s video. With video, your (read on...)

Why Local Online Search Marketing Is Very Critical For Local Small Business Owners and Professionals

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If you run a local small business or service and you need to receive local customers from your company website, then the Google Places Business Directory is where you want to be. Local search engine marketing through Google’s Local Business Directory can make it possible that when someone (read on...)

Small Business Search Engine Optimization – 5 Simple Tips

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Small business search engine optimization (SEO) is an important category of businesses for local vendors of products and services. There is a misconception floating about that SEO requires a large budget and therefore is out of reach for the average small business owner. This is far from the (read on...)

Free Internet Marketing Tips for Small Business

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I can reflect back to college coursework in the late 80’s that spoke of the “information age”. Many predictions prevailed on how our lives would be changed by technology and computers. Well the age has arrived and is constantly producing new and innovative ways to communicate. (read on...)

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