The Importance of LSI Keywords

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Since search engines use LSI to identify top pages for a particular search, website design professionals make sure they use it to the hilt as it ensures better page rankings. The recent trend to build text around key words could mean compromising on content and this could cause sites great on (read on...)

What Are LSI Keywords? How to Find Them and Use Them

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If you’re business is SEO, you are no doubt familiar with LSI Keywords, but a very common question I hear from new marketers and clients is what is LSI? In short (but complicated terms) LSI means Latent Semantic Index, which if you ask Wikipedia it’s defined as: “An indexing and (read on...)

What Does LSI Stand for and What Does It Mean?

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In the world of SEO, LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It is a method of ranking websites based on the words that it has, and not just the keywords. LSI has become popular since Google has an algorithm that provides better search results using what are known as LSI words. We’ll speak (read on...)

Conversions – So Much More Than Picking The Right Keywords

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If you build it they will come. Well, if you build it with the right keywords, right keyword density, right related keyword phrases, right LSI keywords, right length, with the right backlinks pointed at it, etc, etc. Ha. Hey, what did you expect from a SEO writer? It’s a lot more (read on...)

How to SEO – Optimize Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

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Search engine optimization is not as difficult task as the self proclaimed SEO gurus want you to think. In fact here is the plain simple how to SEO in 5 easy steps. Yes, SEO will take time and the results come slower than the results of PPC campaigns, but this is free and organic traffic we are (read on...)

What Are Keywords? – SEO FAQ

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Keywords are words that tell the search engines what your website is about. They are the same words that surfers type in the search engine query to find what they are looking for. The trick is to find the best phrase that gets a good number of searches every month but has a small amount of (read on...)

SEO – Three of the Most Important Factors For On-Page Search Engine Optimization

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Are you struggling with SEO and can’t seem to make it to the first page of the search engines and never to the number one spot? There are many on-page optimization factors that you must get right if you want to ever get to the top of the search engines. Here are three of the most important (read on...)

Exactly What Are LSI Keywords Anyway?

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LSI keywords start off being complicated because of their name. LSI means Latent Semantic Index. Now, that’s an intimidating name. It one of those names that computer geeks love to lay on things so normal people think they (the geeks) are really, really smart. Is it that (read on...)

Tips and Tactics – Keyword Positioning and Density in the Content

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Keywords and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are the most important factor for your success in Search Engine Optimization. If you assume keywords are good for nothing then believe me, just stop doing SEO for your website as it is not going to yield you great results. Keywords and key (read on...)

How to Research Keywords – 2 Tricks Considered to be Sneaky

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The idea behind learning “how to research keywords” is getting into the minds of your potential consumers. So you may call it sneaky or smart business I don’t know. All I know is these 2 techniques are like steroids for your campaign and your numbers. 1. Intent Specifics 101: (read on...)