Email Mail and Follow Up Email

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Are you aware of the attention people give to their email and advertisements as opposed to other forms of advertising? Whether it’s business, sales, or personal email, people pay attention to their email and unless you get an email subscriber who has totally lost interest in your product or (read on...)

A Discussion About The Network Solutions Webmail

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When you set up a hosting plan with Network Solutions, you have the chance to set up a Network Solutions webmail with them. This deals with setting up an email address that goes with the domain that you have purchased with them. For instance, if you bought a domain like, you can set (read on...)

How to Get the Best Out Of E-Mail List Building

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Every e mail address you get is a potential sales lead. So if you are getting into an online marketing campaign, there are important things you need to remember about your e mail list building. • Never force- forcing an issue is the worst email list building mistake you can make! We saw (read on...)

No Second Mail Any Day!

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Everyone should carefully consider pros and cons before pressing the “Send” button. Many have committed the unpardonable sin when they have sent their list a second mail on the same day. “Just to make sure you get this”, or “not quite sure you received (read on...)

cPanel’s Mail Usage Does Not Refresh

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OK, cPanel is telling you that your mailbox is full. You go in, empty all emails, but the quota has not gone down. Your webhost’s support says to wait up to 4 hours for the quota to refresh, as webmail’s usage does not change instantly most of the time. There is a VERY simple trick to (read on...)

How to Generate Leads Using Email Marketing Services

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Considered one of the most powerful tactics of internet marketing, email marketing is very effective in increasing number of lead generation as well. But how to get benefited with it; here, we have discussed some points which can help you in making the best use of email marketing (read on...)

Investing Wisely – Article Marketing Vs Direct Mail Marketing

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Let’s get something straight right now-direct mail marketing works. Please tell me you’re not one of those myopic marketing guys that thinks just because everyone is on the Internet the old avenues of advertising are futile! The truth is many companies have found success by using (read on...)

Mailing Lists Power

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After entries are received, a database of these subscribers is created and mails are sent to them when ever there is a need. Earlier on, mailing lists were sent through snail mail. With the advancement of technology, the most popular method for sending mailing lists is email. However, the (read on...)

Where Does Email Go When it Isn’t Delivered? Part 1

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While all ISPs score a sender’s reputation by giving different weight to various factors you can be assured that all major ISPs are using some type of equation to determine your reputation. How they calculate your sender reputation score determines whether your mailing is received in the (read on...)

Marketing With Snail Mail Or E-mail

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It was not too long ago that many people had no internet, much less an e-mail address. But the internet brought in a new era that is full of unlimited information. The internet gave birth to electronic mail, more popularly known as e-mail. E-mail opened new avenues to the world of communication. (read on...)