How to Create a PPC Ad in Microsoft AdCenter

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Creating a successful PPC campaign is one tool that will pay long term dividends to your online marketing. Learning to write effective PPC ads is not difficult and with practice and some trial and error you can become quite good and see long term results. In doing any type of effective PPC (read on...)

Complementing PPC Campaigns With Microsoft adCenter

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In an earlier article I discussed PPC advertising in great detail. The article focused on the general concepts of PPC advertising – in particular, how these concepts should be applied to Google AdWords. Google AdWords is the king of PPC advertising. However, due to Google’s popularity (read on...)

Using Online Banner Ads to Market Your Business

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Banner marketing is designing and placing ads on different websites that are selling products complementary to your own, which the ads are then embedded into your desired site. These ads were one of the first types of advertising used on the web; these ads were traditionally 468×60 pixels. (read on...)

The Top PPC Providers Review

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PPC or pay per click is arguably the most popular method of advertising online. The best way to kick start your PPC ad campaign is with a search engine. Almost all the popular search engines such as Google, Bing (Microsoft’s new search engine), Yahoo etc. provide ad hosting services. Google (read on...)

Why Page One Search Engine Marketing – SEM is Difficult

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Search Engine Marketing involves paid means of getting a website listed on search engine results pages (SERPS). These strategies are well known as pay-per-click advertising and professional search engine optimization (SEO). The main focus of both strategies is to produce far more search results (read on...)