Need Good Web Hosting? What Not to Do!

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Looking for web hosting? Want to know what NOT to do? Your hosting provider can make or break your blog or small business! They can even steal data if your with the wrong one! So here is my top xx ideas to NOT DO! 1. Always go with a monthly plan! You never know what will happen to a company in a (read on...)

Six Link Building Mistakes To Avoid

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Link Building is the most important factor in terms of SEO. Majority of hybrid Search Engines a high priority to “back-links”, so in terms of SEO the second most important thing after original content is Backlinks. Most of the SEO guru’s starts the link building process using (read on...)

Common SEO Mistakes

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Someone once said that “common sense is a sense that is not very common”. I think that fella was right and you must have seen a hundred and one situations where the absence of common sense is quite visible. I could go on and on with the gory examples but I have to maintain the content (read on...)

AdWords Biggest Mistakes – Make These at Your Peril!

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The biggest mistakes people make when running AdWords campaigns are common to many advertisers.  So – are you making any of these?  If so, go and fix them today! Leaving the content / display network on.  The display network should be turned off for beginners until you know what (read on...)

The ABCs of E-Mail Marketing – Top 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid!

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KISS: Keep it simple stupid. Simplicity is The Key.. this is what I have learned & practiced. Before start working on your next e-mail campaign, put yourself in the shoe of the customer and ask yourself the following questions: Is that subject line meaningful & grabs my (read on...)

Banner Advertising Traffic Generation Secrets You Can Use – Expensive Mistakes You Should Avoid

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The great thing about banner advertising is the fact that you can get a massive amount of visitors to your site if you know what you are doing and you can make a lot of money in the process. The problem is that you have to make sure you realize that you can lose a lot of money if you do it the (read on...)

3 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

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You may be aware of several errors that a newbie in internet marketing or even a seasoned marketer frequently commits in starting out his own email marketing list. The aim of this article is to let you know about these mistakes so that you can avoid them. Failure to set-up an email list. This (read on...)

How to Send Email – Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes

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Email has become an integral part of everyday lives for regular consumers and businesses alike. For many internet marketers, it is the platform that allows them to reach out and maintain a strong connection with their audience. If you have chosen to use email as the vehicle that drives your (read on...)

Common Mistakes in Choosing Email Addresses

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If you’re using an email address with someone else’s domain name—you’re losing a great branding tool—and you’re advertising for other people. Comcast, Hotmail, Yahoo, Charter, AOL, Gmail, and other Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) are happy you’re (read on...)

Critical HTML Email Mistakes to Avoid

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Many businesses choose to use HTML for their email promotions because it offers a more visibly enjoyable experience for the reader. It allows you to leverage a wide variety of fonts, colors, backgrounds and graphics, presenting a gamut of features that can really stimulate the creative juices. (read on...)