Server Requirements for Hassle-Free Ecommerce Web Hosting Services

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Ecommerce sites sell products online and offer to their customers these web payment options via PayPal, credit cards, or online banking. And so, their website host must have the capacity to provide not only software to manage the site’s contents, but also software that manages the shopping (read on...)

You Are Being Deceived Through Google

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Do you know that Google is losing its credibility and many websites are exploiting Google? When is the last time you Googled something? It would be an hour ago or at most 5 hours ago, we use Google every day to find the information we are looking for. Either it is related to education, fashion, (read on...)

Advertising Promotions Online With PPC Ads During The Holiday Season – Don’t Get It Wrong

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If you are running PPC ads to advertising promotions online it is time to get your ad groups set up to get the best profits. We all know the holiday season is rife for online shopping but if you get your ads triggered on broad keywords you could be about to get a massive hit to your advertising (read on...)

Critically Essential On-The-Page Search Engine Optimization Factors

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Although off-page factors are more important than the on-page factors in determining your rankings, on-page factors are still important. You are unlikely to get to the No.1 spot in Google simply because of your on-page factors, but they could mean the difference between being on page 5 or page 1, (read on...)

We Are the Best, So Why Do We Need Ranking in Search Engines?

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You are the recognized leader in your industry. Everybody in town knows where your shop is located. Business is good and business for you is better than for your competition. So, why could you possibly need to have a website that ranks highly in the search engines? Here are four reasons: People (read on...)

Bing – A Decision Search Engine

November 7, 2009 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: SEO is Microsoft’s new “decision” search engine. Bing’s homepage is brilliantly colored with a new background picture with interesting facts from all over the world. But what truly stands out about is it’s design for the purpose of aiding decision (read on...)

Online Product Comparison Search Engines that You Can Use

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With more and more people turning to the Internet for purchasing items and comparing products and prices, the development of comparison search engines is a natural phenomenon. Based on the idea of having a large database of information that users can access instantly, most comparison search (read on...)

Who Should Host Your Online Store?

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The increasing development of sophisticated website content management systems has allowed small businesses to create rich, dynamic online stores, which used to be impractical for anyone without a large programming budget. Before choosing a web hosting provider, small business owners and (read on...)