How to Create an Online Video

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In website content writing, creating an online video is an exciting way to attract new customers. There are many ways to create an exciting and alluring online video without making it obvious that you are trying to promote or sell a product. Let’s discuss a few easy steps which will help (read on...)

5 Deadly Video Marketing Mistakes That Kill Sales

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You can make an awesome video that’s entertaining, informative, relevant, but if you don’t know how to deploy video successfully online it’s wasted effort. The biggest mistakes people make with making money online through online video generally have to do with not thinking (read on...)

Online Video Marketing – What’s The Secret To Get Traffic With Video?

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There is NO SECRET to Online Video Marketing. You guessed it right. However, I do have some cool tips to give you. But before we get into that let me just break the myth thing down. When you see some videos online and I’ve been looking a lot recently and I’ve found some really cool (read on...)

Forget TMI – We’re in TIO! (Total Information Overload)

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It’s painfully obvious that those of us doing business online are way past the point of “too much information.” We’re now in a state of Total Information Overload. I opened and read about 95 emails today – just in the last 24 hours. That’s not counting the (read on...)

Online Video Advertising Campaigns Bring Good ROI

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Companies connect with new customers each day with online video commercials. Many brands are harnessing the power of the internet to expand their marketing footprint. Local companies that rely on their neighborhood for business have incorporated online video advertising in their marketing (read on...)

My Journey Into Online Video for Business – Taking the Message From the Sidewalk to the Boardroom

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A year ago a friend walked me through an eye-catching video software program already integrated with social media. Wow! Talk about candy for even non-techies (like me). Crisp, HD video that could encompass my branding, be delivered to my clients in a variety of mediums, and all without any (read on...)

The Growing Trend of Online Video Marketing – Part 2

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Having a strategy in place that will make your online video marketing campaign stand-out is vitally important to its success and its longevity. Here are some tactics that will help to give your online marketing video that added ‘wow’ factor when it comes to drawing in audiences: #1 (read on...)

Video Studio Set-Up Checklist

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Do you want to be able to create great-looking video from the comfort of your home or office? Now you can crank out online video anytime, on the fly or on demand with you own, personal video studio. But here’s the best part: You don’t need to build an elaborate TV studio or spend a (read on...)

Overcoming Deer in the Headlights Syndrome: 3 Quick Tips for Not Freezing Up on Camera

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They say fear of speaking in public is right up there with fear of death. Yikes! If that’s true, then speaking on camera must also be one of the biggest and most universal fears. There may not be a room full of people when you’re shooting your marketing video, but the minute that (read on...)

Web Video: The Proof Is in The Numbers

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One of the most established ways to generate buzz about your business or brand online today is through online videos. This form of promotion, labeled online video marketing, illustrates your business data to probable clients in an exhilarating and dynamic manner. With the boom of technology (read on...)