SEO Onpage Optimization: Simple Tips for Optimizing Images

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a webpage to make it rank higher in the search engines. Search engines are life to a website. A prominent position in the search engine means more targeted traffic which in turn means more sales or more viewers for your message. This (read on...)

3 Basic Shopping Cart Advices To Optimizing Images For Web Stores

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For SEO purposes, it is always advisable to use text instead of images on your store pages. However, if you run a web store, you will find that not only must you optimize your shopping cart powered store for search engines, you also need to optimize it for shoppers as well. Therefore, the use of (read on...)

SEO Advice: Best Practices When Optimizing Images

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Every time that search engine optimization comes to mind, it is quite expected that what you may immediately think of are written contents, especially because these have been the most commonly used for several years now. However, the truth is that it is not only text that can be optimized but (read on...)

What You Have To Know About Optimizing Images For SEO

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The use of images is very popular these days, and there are more people utilizing image searchers when they are on the internet. This is probably because of the natural instinct that people want to see what they can get, and the images are answers to these queries. If a web marketer has a (read on...)

Small Business Website Tips – Image Optimization

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There are a ton of things to work on and consider when you are making your small business website. One of the points that many folks overlook is the optimization of their website images. To optimize something on the web simply means to present it in the best possible light to search engine like (read on...)

3 SEO Tricks For Optimizing Images

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Most website owners have included images on their site at some point in time. Many of them will upload the image, save it and forget about it, but they are missing out on all the benefits an optimized image can bring to their SEO efforts. Having an optimized image on your website that shows up in (read on...)

How to Improve the Page Rank of Your Website

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Page Rank (often denoted by PR) is Google’s ranking software that calculates the relevance of a webpage with its content. Page Rank is a quantity (between 0 and 10) defined by Google that provides a rough estimate of the overall importance of a web page. The Google Toolbar can be obtained (read on...)