SEO Top Ranking Factors

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SEO is constantly evolving, making it necessary to keep up with the changes in ranking factors. There are several factors you need to focus on to increase how high your website ranks in the search engines. Content Quality If you want your keywords to rank high you need to pay close attention to (read on...)

A Higher Page Speed Is the Necessity of Most Websites

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The online industry demands a lot out of web designers and web professionals. Optimization is the reason for that change in competitive demands. A website is no longer about its front page or its important pages. Designers and developers ensure that every page is optimized and search engine (read on...)

The Need for a Page Speed Service

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Search engines make use of a lot of criteria to come up with the search engine rankings. It is therefore important for anyone who has a website and is interested in making money out of that website to try and understand how all of this works. This is because if he or she understands that, then he (read on...)

Speed Up Your Site With Website Speed Optimization

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Fast delivery in any business is the key to success. This is where the role of Website Speed Optimization in the search engine optimization fraternity lies. It describes the load time of a website. A slow website results in disappointed users and discontent for Google, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay. It (read on...)

Use Compression to Make the Web Faster – A Noted Ranking Factor

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When you have a website, it is more important than ever to catch a person’s attention within the first few seconds. If a page does not load within at least 10 to 30 seconds, they often leave the website. This will lead to lost sales, and a lost page view. If you are selling products, (read on...)

Faster Websites For Better Rankings

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Websites with large images, lots of smaller images or flash graphics could be losing out to similar sites with smaller or fewer images in the search engine rankings now that the load speed of a website is a factor used to determine at which position a website appears. But it is not only images (read on...)

Page Load And How It Affects SEO

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Normally, anyone who is creating a website will be thinking of the graphics and the layout first and foremost. Good designers will also be thinking of functionality and efficiency of the website by considering of how quickly the it will load. Nobody wants to sit around for about ten minutes (read on...)

Web Page Speed Optimisation to Rank Well, You Need to Get This Right

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It seems that web page speed contributes more than you would imagine toward the ranking of your site, which to me makes a lot of sense as Google wants to deliver the best quality results and experience for it’s users. So I would suggest optimising both on-page and server side, look at (read on...)

Google Speed Penalty – Is Your Website Fast Enough?

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Google’s introduction of website speed as a parameter in their ranking algorithm means that webmasters must now pay even closer attention to the loading speed of their websites. The fact that Google went out of its way to announce this new parameter is telling in itself since Google will (read on...)

SEO Software Reviews – Page Speed

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Now as always with Google you know they aren’t just going to come out and say what the factors are, so you’ll have to figure them out. Here are some of the most obvious things that I think will factor in to your speed rank. Here is some of what Google is saying; “You may have (read on...)