Get Paid To Advertise So You Could Get More Stuff!

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Are you like millions of others who are trying to figure out all the mumbo jumbo about making a living running your own business? If you are you have probably heard some buzz about how to get paid to advertise. Yes, you read that right. You can get paid just to place your advertisements in the (read on...)

Free or Paid Web Hosting?

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Just finished your first website? So it’s the time to look for some hosting and make a choise. Your first qustion probably will be whether to choose free or paid hosting service. Let’s have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of these solutions. Free web hosting: (+) (read on...)

Some FAQs About SEO

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How should the keywords be selected? In the ideal case, keywords have to be searched by using data provided by a well managed and configured paid campaign. This will help you to focus on keywords that can generate leads or sales.Another method of selecting keywords is by grouping all the (read on...)

The Safest Web Host

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If you are a website designer living in India you would face many problems when choosing a web hosting company in India. You must be also confused about choosing a paid hosting or free hosting. As there are thousands of web hosts in the Internet it would be really difficult for you to decide. (read on...)

What You Must Understand About The Facebook PPC Ad System If You Want To Succeed

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Facebook ads are PPC. BUT they require a very different approach from other PPC avenues like Google AdWords or MSN/Bing Advertising. This is often a hard lesson for many who want to just transfer their campaigns from the search engines over to Facebook. Even if the advertising was wildly (read on...)

Get The Facts On Google AdWords’ New Modified Broad Match & How To Use It In Your PPC Today

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Google AdWords has rolled out yet another keyword matching category. For all of you who grown tired of only having Broad, Phrase & Exact Match to play with, here’s a new PPC frontier to explore. Meet the new Modified Broad Match. Let’s learn a little about what it is first. As (read on...)

How To Use Pay Per Click (PPC) To Do Fast & Easy Marketing Research That Guarantees Results

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Although you may be extremely active in your search engine marketing, it’s a good bet that you still do some form of offline, or traditional, marketing and advertising. Do you do display ads in newspapers, magazines or other print media? Do you have brochures or other materials that you (read on...)

Why PPC Works Exactly Right & How You Can Use It To Get New Business Now

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If there’s one thing people always say about search ads it’s this: “Nobody clicks on those. I sure don’t.” If a camera were mounted above their computer you would see that almost 100% of those people actually do click on search ads. They just don’t like to (read on...)

SEM – What Will the Future Bring For Search Engine Marketing?

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When we think about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and how it’s used most effectively today, it is fairly easy to see that there are really two major facets that make up the overall practice: 1. Traditional Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO);2. Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing. This model (read on...)

What is Pay Per Click? Paid Marketing For Success

七月 29, 2009 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: PPC 

PPC marketing is an form of Internet advertising that involves two things: someone clicking on a paid, search engine ad the advertiser paying for each click. That’s basically how it works. Pay per click advertising is best for people who have fairly-sized budgets. This is not said to deter (read on...)

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