The Basics of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

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We are always trying to help auto body shops learn more about marketing on the Internet. The Internet is such an important part of the way we do business, both in how we look for purchases, but also in terms of our operations. Its one of the reasons we decided to put our auto estimating program (read on...)

How Pay Per Click Can Be Used to Promote Your Website

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In internet marketing the common goal is to get the most internet traffic on your website and at the same time paying the least amount of money so that one can maximize the profits. One of the fastest way that one can achieve this is by using pay-per-click advertising. Pay-per-click advertising (read on...)

Understanding The Concept of Pay Per Click Marketing

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Pay per Click is essentially an auction to get your advert shown on the search results pages based upon specific keywords. Search engines call these advert sponsored links or sponsored ads and they appear above and to the side of natural search results. As it’s an auction it is governed by (read on...)

Create a Tsunami of Prospects With PPC Marketing

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PPC Marketing, commonly known as Pay Per Click Marketing is a popular method of promoting your web site or business on the internet allowing traffic to be driven to your website sometimes within hours rather than weeks or months as with more traditional page ranking methods such as SEO. Commonly (read on...)

Paid Vs Organic Search For Business Owners

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Search Engine Introduction In Today’s post we are going to discuss the key differences of organic free search and paid search. We are going to discuss the up sides and down sides to using both methods, as well as how and when to utilize these features as a business owner. The first thing we (read on...)

PPC Advertising Isn’t Effective For Long Term Marketing

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PPC, which is also known as Pay Per Click advertising, has been a highly effective direct marketing method. However, it may not be an ideal web marketing method for the long term. Why is this? PPC requires you, as the business owner, to keep paying for clicks. In other words, you are buying (read on...)

What a Problem Host Can Do to Your PPC Company

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Pay Per Click marketing is a fantastic new career for many that was not so widely available in the 90’s. You can sell products and services for yourself or for other companies at the convenience of your home. Examples of products you can sell range from the hundreds of thousands of (read on...)

Slick Trick for Pay-Per-Click Traffic – Fantastic

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Pay-Per-Click, also known as PPC, is extremely popular today among internet marketers. Many say it’s become too popular and as a result the cost per click has risen straight up like a rocket since 2006 by about 500%. The amount of clicks you could get for about $100 just 5 years ago, will (read on...)

Basics of Pay Per Click and Display Advertising

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Two paid search marketing types that every online business owner should understand are PPC marketing and display marketing. Both of these options provide online business’s with ways to target their customers and gain visibility quickly and easily. As opposed to organic search marketing, PPC (read on...)

Pay Per Click for Small Business

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One of the biggest challenges to the small business owner is visibility. How to compete with larger brands and major labels is a significant concern for even the most successful small business. In many respects, pay per click marketing provides small business owners an unprecedented opportunity (read on...)