Is A .COM The Most Suitable TLD

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The Perfect Website Name Okay, you’ve just decided on the perfect domain name. If you attempt to register it, you notice that version has been taken. Now what can be done? Most likely, the registrar has suggested a whole new TLD (top level domain). If they are available, they (read on...)

The Perfect Domain Name Does Not Exist

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That’s right. The perfect domain name does not exist. Well, not really. But I’ve bought some that I thought were pretty close! Like “Banana Cookie Recipes”? That wasn’t so bad. Except… there aren’t that many banana cookie recipes. (Darn. I really (read on...)

Tricks to Find the Ideal Domain Name

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Take your time when choosing a domain name. You don’t want to get one and change it after a month because it’s too long or it just doesn’t sound as good as you thought when you got it. Think of a few domain names, not just one. There are numerous available but also a lot already (read on...)

How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name After You Have Chosen Your Niche

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Congratulations, you’ve decided what topic you want to create your product line about. Maybe it is a membership site about travel, maybe it’s a software program, maybe it’s a course about mobile marketing, maybe it’s a community about cooking. Whatever it is, you’ve (read on...)

Domain Name Purchase

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Prior to making a domain name purchase, you should brainstorm as many name options as possible. The more you have, the better your options of finding one which is one your list. If you limit yourself to a small list which only contains two or three options, it is very likely that all three of (read on...)

Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your New Site

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When setting up a new internet business, often one of the first things that you consider is your domain name. Domain names can define your business, and yet finding the perfect one can be hard to do. This article takes you through the basics. A good domain name – such as (read on...)

Want That PERFECT Domain Name?

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Probably THE most important decision you’ll have to make when launching a website, is the domain name. Here’s how to get that PERFECT name. Introduction Your domain name will say a lot about you. In fact, your choice of domain name is FUNDAMENTAL and underpins almost everything that (read on...)

Important Tips When Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

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For an online business, it is imperative to have a good domain name because this greatly contributes to the success or failure of your internet marketing business. Some internet entrepreneurs think that they can just come up with any fancy or cute name because after all, the most important thing (read on...)

The Domain Name I Want Is Already Taken – What Can I Do?

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It doesn’t matter if it’s for personal use or for a business; chances are your first choice awesome catchy perfect domain name is already taken – so what options does that leave you? For a business where the domain name is highly important to aid your search engine ranking (read on...)

Domain Name for Your Online Business

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Domain name for your online business should be an attractive one. It will boast the traffic to your site. Alternatively, your business will suffer. It is essential for you to publicize your business correctly. Finding a perfect domain name is the right way to go about it. Deciding for a name for (read on...)

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