Psd Jjpg Bmp Or Png

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Choosing the right file format in saving your images is very important. There are specific formats that are suited for the kind of image you are saving. It should be kept in mind though that when you are to choose the format for your image, you need to take into consideration both the image’s (read on...)

Free Image Hosting

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Many companies provide free image hosting service where you can upload your pictures to an internet website without any cost. You can use such a service if you cannot afford to buy web space and your objective is served by sharing pictures. Many users all over the world use it as an advertisement (read on...)

Saving Disk Space on Your Server

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After you host your site, you may realize that it needs more disk space as your business grows in some time. There are two options – change your hosting plan and pay something to host for more disk space, or conserve some disk space. A few techniques that can help you save your disk space (read on...)