Industrial Videos

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I have seen it reported that in the industrial B2B marketplace videos are the most actively sought but the least actively posted of all material on the internet – this gap alone presents a massive opportunity. I have also observed that industrial videos are becoming much more common and (read on...)

Why Online Marketers Profit From Using Video

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Videos give you better search engine position Potential clients and customers are online searching for information on products to buy in your market. And although traditional online advertising and “search engine optimization” methods can be expensive and time consuming – for (read on...)

Why Adding Videos Can Increase the Time Spent At Your Site

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Online videos have rocketed in popularity over the past five years, mainly due to the impact of YouTube and the fact that it is now so easy to shoot a video for your business or product. Some of the latest webcams are so good that you simply do not need to buy really expensive equipment, you can (read on...)

How To Make Your YouTube Channel A Success

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Since its launch and subsequent buyout from Google, YouTube has rapidly become the number one video sharing site on the Internet and also the second biggest search engine. Many businesses and producers are now catching onto the fact that by not having a YouTube channel, they are missing out on (read on...)

Can A Good Product Video Really Lead To More Sales?

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Video marketing has rapidly become one of the newest and yet most successful ways of advertising how good your product is. Most leading firms now offer videos relating to the promotion of their videos, with the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words even more believable when it comes (read on...)

Trends Towards Video Guides – How Are They Different From Product Videos Or Tutorials?

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Why shift towards video guides? Video guides provide more information, and help companies effectively communicate with the consumers, and educate them about services and products. Bandwidth and availability of chapter based players made this shift possible. Companies are not limited online the (read on...)

What is a Video Handbook? The Next Step in Product Videos

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The concept of a video handbook is based on the most successful and effective product videos. It combines marketing videos with customer support videos and creates an interactive experience that helps people learn about a product or service. In short, a video handbook is a product or service (read on...)

How to Improve Your Product Video – Checklist You Can Use to Review Your Own Video Or Help a Client

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Do you want to create a product video or you already have a product video? How do you know if your video will be effective? Here are some questions you can use as a checklist to evaluate your product videos, or help you improve your script before you create product videos. Look at your script or (read on...)

A Shift Towards Education Based Marketing, Emerging Standards For Online Product Videos

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Just having video on your site is not enough to differentiate you. Video is no longer a novelty – it has become an essential element of any site, especially an e-commerce site. Unfortunately, unless it is done right video can be irrelevant or can actually harm your brand. (read on...)

Creating Product Videos – Marketing Vs Instructional Content – How to Structure Your Product Video

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A marketing video or an instructional video? What is the difference and how to create an effective product video? There is a certain misconception when it comes to online video marketing: many believe there are two distinct types of videos: on one hand there are marketing videos, and on the other (read on...)