Link Building Program – How Do You Get Back Links?

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Search Engine Optimization practitioners can agree on very few things. Usually, if you ask 100 SEO’ers a question, you’re very likely to get at least 50, if not 100 different responses. Every SEO’er has an opinion and will gladly share with you their “empirical and (read on...)

Twitter and Your Search Engine Rankings, 5 Things You Should Know

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During the summer of 2008, I decided to search for myself in Google. I knew that my competition would be stiff, since there is a famous Mexican soccer player named “Rafael Marquez” and there’s also a boxer that shares my name as well. Both of those guys have millions of fans (read on...)

Website Creation – What Are 5 Terms That You Need to Understand Before You Put Up a Website?

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When you first get started online, there is an entire new language that you need to learn. You need to learn the language of the web. I’m not referring to the language (html) that most of the web is programmed in, I’m referring to the terminology that people use when they reference (read on...)

Website Creation – How to Pick a Hosting Provider, 5 Things to Consider When Making Your Selection

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When it comes to picking a website hosting provider, there are many seemingly contradictory things to consider. How do you know that the website hosting provider that you are picking has the features that you need and want? What types of features should you look for in a web host? You want to get (read on...)