Network Redundancy Techniques

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When building a network, one must consider that the network is available all the time even if a failure occurred. Here is an illustration of network redundancy techniques and its drawbacks. When building a network, some considerations must be taken from the point of view (read on...)

Colocation and Redundancy

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Colocation is a form of web hosting that is very popular with businesses and those with more demanding hosting needs. Colocated hosting is where space in a data centre is rented out; individuals and companies can then use this space to store their web servers. The data centre provides the (read on...)

Bounce Back After Bankruptcy – Become a Free SEO Expert

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In the last couple of years the recession has had a massive effect on almost all of us. Some more than others but the ones who have found themselves bankrupt, out of business or redundant have discovered that it isn’t easy to simply jump back on the horse. Well, I can tell you that there (read on...)

What is the Importance of Uptime and Downtime in Web Hosting?

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Uptime and Downtime is one of the key issues that many website owners face. If you’re thinking to setup a mission critical website or an e-commerce site then uptime and downtime is the thing you should consider while looking for a web host. You may have heard about it lot of time, but those (read on...)