Choosing And Registering Your Domain Name

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A vital part of your Internet marketing system is to learn how to acquire and register your domain name. This is the web address that people will use to find your website and it is NOT your actual website itself. Actual website will be a collection of documents, files and images that you upload (read on...)

Why Paid Hosting Trumps Free Web Hosting Accounts

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The use of the internet has been skyrocketing to super stardom. People use Internet to communicate, do business and earn extra money. If you have been involved with internet based business, you will surely know the importance of engaging the best web hosting services there is. When it comes to (read on...)

Pro Tips For Choosing Your Domain Name

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Choosing a domain name is the first step in creating your online presence. The right name will help to establish your online credibility and can be a key part of your organizations branding strategy. Domain names can be categorized into Top Level Domain (TLD) and country code Top Level Domain (read on...)

The Changing Shape of the Internet Revolution

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The internet is an ever present in our lives, it shapes how we communicate, how we shop, and in recent months has shown it’s incredible power when it comes to helping people coordinate social change. Nothing has more clearly demonstrated the influence of the internet as the revolutions (read on...)

Your Company’s Domain Names – Attention to Brand Abuse

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There is a common expectation by any trademark holder that no one is allowed to register domain names including their company’s trademark. This is not entirely true. There is a general ignorance on both sides regarding the legal rights. Lawyers believe that any domain name can be blocked, (read on...)

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Company

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One of the most important business decisions you will make will be to choose the right domain name for your company. Having a great top level name literally becomes part of your branding and business image so it is absolutely essential that you choose a good one. Whether you have already (read on...)

Choosing a good domain name isn’t always so simple.

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So you need a domain name for your brand new internet business. You may even have some cool ideas for a new domain name combination that will really impress your friends. Question is, is your new domain name going to help your business or hurt it? What could be simpler than choosing a domain (read on...)

Looking for a Good Domain Name? Time to Pick It Up Easily

February 23, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: other 

Often people get embarrassed when they are searching for better domain names. Now, it’s time to move on and seize a spot in the unbounded sea of internet. Choosing better domain name can give a great position to your business, let you always stay in touch with your customer and free from (read on...)

Register Domain And Using Hosting Services From The Same Company Or Not?

January 27, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: other 

When starting your own site, it is easy to have a number of questions, especially if you have never tried it before. For many, one of the most burning questions there is: Should you register your domain at the same place where you are using your hosting services? Different online professionals (read on...)

Tips to Register a Domain Name

January 7, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Web Hosting 

A domain name represents unique identity on internet or it is your internet address to reach your website. Domain name is vital for any online business or information sharing websites. Here are some useful tips to acquire a domain name. Represent your idea: Your domain must be relevant to website (read on...)

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