YouTube Advertising

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The number one video site in the world is now YouTube. Globally it is widely recognised and more and more content gets added to it each day. Because of this massive growth YouTube advertising is of great benefit to internet marketers. More and more people go to watch video content every day on (read on...)

Can You Make Money on YouTube With Video?

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Having lots of buying customers is the aim of most business owners. You want to attract a steady stream of buyers to your product or service. Plain text sales pages are no longer effective. Many people are now moving into video marketing and asking the question can you make money on YouTube? To (read on...)

Now Make Money With Video Marketing

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Your business is important and so is your product or service. If you are still using dry plain text sales copy then you are leaving sales on the table. If you would like to make money with video marketing then it is time you moved into the modern age and converted those dry text sales pages into (read on...)

Discovering Buyers Needs – A Great Idea For Using The Results

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One of the main strategies of an email marketing campaign is to discover the buyers needs so you can help them solve their problems. This is a powerful strategy because more times than not, what you think people need is not what they actually do need. When you solve their problems, they will (read on...)

How to Create Video Sales Pages That Convert

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Let’s be realistic… video sales pages are crucial if you want to generate massive traffic online. Considering the fact that the objective is to get potential customers to your web page and develop superior ranking in the major search engines, you ought to learn about the relevance of (read on...)

How to Produce a Video Sales Page That Gets Results

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Video sales pages have been in the mix for some years now. This is because the number of internet marketers who use video to present their sales messages has grown. The internet is going through a very large social development. Video is one of the main factors that have fueled this change. On a (read on...)

Revealing Thoughts About Video, Conversions and Sales Pages

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Are you a bit jaded about all these “Guru Approved” sales results claims and “hurry to purchase” techniques? You know, those sales pages on the net with a video embedded and graphic screen shots of the paypal account that had an increase of 200% + in less than 7 days.They (read on...)

Marketing With Video Online – 4 Strategies

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When Google bought Youtube, marketing with video became crucial to online success. Whether you’re looking to build a list of customers/prospects or sell a product/service, Google loves video. All you need is a webcam, microphone and software — products readily available at your local (read on...)