Why Do White Hat SEO?

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Such search engine optimisation methods generally involve taking part in various techniques in order to best the system and to trick the search engines. This can include trying to make your content seem better than it is or even more popular that it actually is. An old example of a common SEO (read on...)

Google Webmaster Tools – Part 1

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It’s easy to register a domain name on a server; it’s easy to build a website, but it’s not very easy to maintain it with correct standards. There are various things which you have to keep in mind while dealing with a website so that it acquires some good reputation in front of (read on...)

A Search Engine Consultant Can Increase Your Page Rankings?

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For people who are already in the online marketing for many years, having a search engine consultant to work with them is a big relief. This is because consultants are more knowledgeable when it comes to SEO concerns. They are more updated with the latest Google algorithm changes and know what to (read on...)

How Not to Do SEO in the Age of Penguins and Pandas

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In light of Google’s recent major updates, Penguin and Panda, it’s a shame to see how many questionable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) “experts” and agencies are still risking their reputations and doing more harm than good to clients by attempting to use dodgy (read on...)

How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of SEO Services

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Most people who start a website for the first time don’t have the knowledge to form a solid SEO strategy. This is why there are many companies that offer SEO services. These SEO specialists will generally create a strategy and implement it for you. However, you have to make sure that what (read on...)

3 Main Components of Search Engine Optimisation

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Are you thinking of branching out into online business? Do you have a website that does not get any traffic? If you answer yes to these questions then you should look into search engine optimization. SEO is one of the most fundamental parts of success on the internet. By having a good SEO (read on...)

Increase Your Search Engine Ranking With SEO for Business

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Accessing the internet is as easy as ABC, there is no longer a need to wait for the phone to be free so that you can use the dial up connection which took a long time to connect. Almost everyone has broadband and connecting to the internet only takes a matter of moments meaning that you (read on...)

Six Great SEO Tips For 2012 and Beyond

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Search engine optimisation is constantly changing with each new technology, and it is important to keep your techniques updated. This article will give you some new methods of keeping your site known to search engines and relevant to customers. 1. Use the optimal keywords. Keywords have always (read on...)

The Website Visitor Bounce Rate

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The Website Visitor Bounce Rate The Bounce Rate (or Exit Rate) measures the quality of traffic and how well that traffic is attracted to your Website. A low Exit Rate, followed by a high rate of conversion from visitor to customer is the ideal. There are two definitions of the Exit Rate: The (read on...)

Search Engine Optimisation The Beatles Way

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In life there are two types of people, those that love the Beatles and those that are clearly lying. I have discovered though, that The Beatles are about much than great music, culture and contemporary history. The Beatles are also about search engine optimisation. In this article we will take a (read on...)