Getting Found by Google – The Legit Way

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Webmasters who seek to improve their Google ranking for keywords through dubious methods such as link farms, auto-generated content, keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages etc. do others and themselves a disservice. Firstly, they undermine Google’s efforts to deliver quality search (read on...)

Track Keyword Effectively – SEO Fundamentals

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Track keywords, that’s the blood of the business. Basic concept of Internet marketing and search engine optimization is simple, you have to think as if you were a customer searching for something of interest related to what you have to offer. Track keywords Smarter What would you type into (read on...)

The ABCs of SEO and Online Commerce – Getting Found On The Internet

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So you’re a small business person who recently realized that putting a webpage online is the best way for you to advertise your business and get new customers. You worked hard and/or paid good money to get the site up and running. It’s been a while now and still you have no new (read on...)

Appreciating the True Value of High PR Backlinks

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It is worth noting right from the start that PageRank (or PR) is generally a ranking used by Google to ‘grade’ webpages. This grading is not based on a variety of factors and it is meant to give a value to the website that ranges from 0 to 10. Also it is important to note that while (read on...)

An Idiots Guide to SEO Basics

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Search engine optimization is basically the optimization of a webpage as to ensure a higher ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), making the website more visible to visitors and users in Google or any other search engine. 1. Picking a SEO Organization Now remember SEO may be a complex (read on...)

The Common Question: What Is SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization which is well known as SEO is programmatic enhancements to your website. People may have misinterpreted optimization for exploration engine as a website design. As a matter of fact, this is a great technique which is an essential element of any successful website. There (read on...)

Search Engine Optimization Do’s and Dont’s

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The Do’s and Don’t s of Search Engine Optimization As you’ve probably already realized, SEO is not an easy task. It requires lots of attention and constant maintenance to achieve top search engine ranking. In order to have maximum SEO, there are certain things you must do. And, (read on...)

Choosing Web Hosting to Benefit SEO Efforts

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Your choice of a web hosting provider is important for search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. A professional web hosting service can give you the benefits of reliable serving of your web pages, site availability, traffic analysis tools, a top-level domain name and flexibility in (read on...)

How to Improve Search Engine Rankings In 2012 and Drive More Traffic to Your Site

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There are many ways to improve the visibility and search engine rankings of your website. The more methods you can take advantage of, the better off you will be. So, here are some things to consider. Branding It’s important to make your website and your company stand out and to make it (read on...)

3 Main Components of Search Engine Optimisation

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Are you thinking of branching out into online business? Do you have a website that does not get any traffic? If you answer yes to these questions then you should look into search engine optimization. SEO is one of the most fundamental parts of success on the internet. By having a good SEO (read on...)

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