Importance Of Domain Relevance

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In this Article I will talk about domain relevance more thoroughly. When you buy a domain out there. Make sure the domain has at least the keyword of the service you are offering in your business. This helps a lot on showing up better on the search engines. Reason is because Google likes crawling (read on...)

SEO Writing: Key Elements for Successful Articles, Blog Posts and Web Pages

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Whether you’re writing an SEO article, a blog post or a web page, planning your writing beforehand always pays dividends. Try to include these key elements on each page you write: · Metatags· Headline· Lead· Subheads· Conclusion And for your article writing, add in a resource box at (read on...)

Video Directory Submission – Simple Steps to Optimize Your Video Details Here!

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Video creation and Video creation submission has evolved into its own social media. For the past few years the popularity of of on line videos has risen drastically. For example the big player YouTube has has over 150,000 new videos submitted to their video directory every day. Also, 50,000 (read on...)