Selling Websites and How to Start From Scratch

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This is one way to do it. Start with keyword research. Market samurai is perfect for this, but you can use the free keyword tools that Google offer online. Find a keyword phrase in quotes “” that has under 50,000 competing pages and at least 80 searches a day. Find 3 related keywords (read on...)

Selling Websites – Does a Website Broker Really Help?

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Selling websites for profit requires a lot of patience since the entire process is an intensive one. There have been discussions on the internet where people have been claiming that a website broker can help you with flipping websites. This would reduce a great amount of stress and you would get (read on...)

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Selling Websites

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All too often, I am asked what the biggest mistake is that someone can make when selling websites. Given the time, I could most likely list several, however, the one that I do see time and time again is when a website is created in a few days for the purpose of selling straight away, and no link (read on...)

How To Minimize Your Risk When Selling Websites

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Sites like make buying and selling websites considerably less risky than dealing with buyers and sellers directly. They have checks in place to confirm who their members say they are, and the more information people provide to confirm their identity, the higher “trust (read on...)

Is Keyword Optimization Possible With Website Auction Listings?

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Not too long ago, a seasoned flipper suggested that you might be able to hook a buyer by optimizing your website auction listings on places like Flippa for specific keywords. The idea was your listing would appear at the top of search results page when buyers conducted a keyword search. He also (read on...)

Selling Websites and Domains

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Domain commerce has become a good way to earn some money. Although it is somewhat a complicated task and selling a domain or a website can be tricky, it is a market that moves millions of dollars every year. Nowadays it is not only important to have a presence in the web, but also, to have a (read on...)

Buying and Selling Websites – Secret Revealed

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If you are just starting with this industry, it is only normal to not know everything about it. Before buying and selling websites, it is a must that you are very exacting about everything that concerns it. Something must be wrong with the manufactured goods if the seller is too much of an (read on...)

How to Sell a Website – Steps For Selling a Website Domain

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Some websites are for informational purposes only, while others are created for business. Others start out informational and begin making the owner a bit of money. At some point, like any business owner, you may want to sell your website to a new owner, whether because you want to start a new (read on...)

How to Sell Your Website – Preparing to Sell

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So you’ve decided your website might be worth a pretty penny and you’d like to sell it. How do you start the process of selling your website? Here’s are a few things you need to have prepare before selling your website. Website Traffic Statistics Potential buyers are going to (read on...)

Website Flipping – Learn How to Make Money Selling Websites With Little Over $50

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To be honest if you are looking for ways on how to make money selling websites, then you are definitely on the right spot. But getting to having a career in website marketing requires patience, learning and eagerness to working hard and staying at the top. One top way in making money selling (read on...)

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