The Most Important in SEO

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1. Setup Search engines are the primary tool for people to find information, no matter if they do so as private individuals or business owners. Therefore, it is critical for any business to have control of your site’s search engine status. First thing you should do is to check for how many (read on...)

SEO Basic Benefits 101

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique used by internet marketers and web developers in order for a particular website to generate traffic. Before any website is able to make money through advertising, affiliate marketing or direct selling, people have to know that the site exists (read on...)

SEO Basic Rules – Google SEO Guidelines

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Google outlines the best SEO practices that can optimize your website effectively and efficiently. Here are a few of them: Page titles- As users scan the search engine results page (SERP), they are already reading through the titles tags of the websites. To give you an idea on producing a good (read on...)