Is Your Website in Tune With the Latest SEO Techniques?

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We’ve always humdrum-ed about the importance of quality content and their role in boosting SEO rankings. But with the latest Panda update by Google, content becomes ever so important. In fact credible websites like the British Medical Journal and Ciao have been slapped by the Panda. The (read on...)

SEO – Is it Really That Important?

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In the last few years SEO has become one of the most important and effective methods to get your website seen by the right person at the right time. Effective SEO can be the difference between your website being on page one of a search engine and not being searchable at all. If your website is (read on...)

Why Guaranteed SEO Results Are Worthless

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I made a mistake recently. I promised to repay a customers investment in our SEO work if I didn’t get his website into the top 5 Google results for a very competitive key phrase. I’ve been very successful in the SEO arena, and I’ve been good at predicting the results and (read on...)

Why SEO Should Be a Major Factor For Any Online Business

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Search engine optimisation is the art of gaining more visibility in the major search engines for certain keyphrases clients will use to find a business. The Job of an SEO (the term used for the professionals hired to do this job), is to find related phrases that potential customers are using to (read on...)