Server Requirements for Hassle-Free Ecommerce Web Hosting Services

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Ecommerce sites sell products online and offer to their customers these web payment options via PayPal, credit cards, or online banking. And so, their website host must have the capacity to provide not only software to manage the site’s contents, but also software that manages the shopping (read on...)

Magento Hosting and Your Business Are Perfect Together

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Magento e-Commerce shopping carts help power a lot of businesses, great and small. Options are available to host Magento on different servers or as a package deal from Magento. Use of a bundled service is more than convenient, it also lowers business cost. Depending on the edition that you choose (read on...)

Why You Want to Host Your Own Website?

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In life you often want to have control over how things work out. Sometimes you want others to lead you along the way and tell you how things are going to be and you go with the flow. Being a follower, rather than a leader in the case of online marketing can sometimes work for you, while other (read on...)

How To Get The Most From Your Email Blasts

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Email marketing is a great way to promote your business or service to a large number of people. Here are a few pointers that I have found to make my email blasts more successful. 1. Take the time to create a good opt-in list. It may be tempting to buy one of those “10,000 Email Addresses (read on...)

3 Basic Shopping Cart Advices To Optimizing Images For Web Stores

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For SEO purposes, it is always advisable to use text instead of images on your store pages. However, if you run a web store, you will find that not only must you optimize your shopping cart powered store for search engines, you also need to optimize it for shoppers as well. Therefore, the use of (read on...)

SEO Shopping Cart Software – 3 Ways To Build More Links

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One of the ways to make your website more visible would be to build links internally and externally when using a SEO shopping cart software. You may want to check your current cart to see if some of these features are available for you to use or try out. Breadcrumbs If your shopping cart has this (read on...)

VPS Hosting for Online Retailers and eCommerce

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Online stores use the internet as their real estate. Having a reliable and stable hosting service is very similar to a main street store having a prime location in the heart of the city, with excellent security systems. Some online stores came to be from one or a handful of people deciding to (read on...)

Creating a Coupon in 1ShoppingCart (Or Most Other Shopping Cart Systems)

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Using a shopping cart system is part of what all internet marketers need to do, of course. There are so many aspects of excellent shopping cart systems and you have to just keep learning. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a coupon in the 1ShoppingCart system. You might want to print (read on...)

Some Useful Benefits of SEO Shopping Cart

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SEO shopping cart is one of the major part of any web based business. Search engine optimization is a process of providing good positioning in the search engines. It involves analyzing of the keywords and phrases and choosing the best ones that provides the best results. There are many things (read on...)

Cloud Computing Web Hosting – Pros and Cons

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Cloud computing is a new model of web hosting in which clients are charged on a scalable utility subscription basis. Their bill is calculated on the amount of hard drive space, memory, bandwidth, time and other resources and services used. This business model offers customizable web hosting with (read on...)