Shopping Cart Search Engine Optimization 101

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When it comes to your shopping cart, in order to ensure success you need to make sure you have your shopping cart (ecommerce website) 100% optimized so that it is search-engine friendly. If the search engine isn’t properly reading your website, then it most likely won’t rank it well, (read on...)

What Are the Key Options to Prioritize on For an Online Shopping Cart?

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The quality and cost of any shopping cart options lies in their availability and feasibility to generate their related product catalogue pages swiftly, as well as their efficiency in processing the majority of the payment transactions. However, any online shopping cart with sophisticated features (read on...)

How to Enhance the Conversion Rate of Google AdWords

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If you can’t still enhance the sales of the shopping cart effectively and quickly by all the free promoting methods yourself, you can finally try Google AdWords. However, the hot keywords of Google AdWords is very expensive, if you can’t set it well, the profit of your shopping cart (read on...)

$7.99 Domain Name, Will it Work For You?

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There are several factors to consider before you run out and plop down your hard earned money to buy a domain name or name your website. You’ve found a host for your Ecommerce site and the price is right. $7.99 is a good price considering that you could actually spend thousands of dollars (read on...)

More Common Sense SEO

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Previously, I wrote about the number of pages you need to have on your website, basic page construction, keywords and themes. I want to expand upon the notion of keywords and then apply this to shopping cart sites and their number of pages and most importantly the content on those pages. Using a (read on...)

Which SEO Services & Strategies Fetch Your Site Thousands Visitors Daily?

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SEO services, no matter, how complicated may they sound due to some of the technical jargon in this field involves basic steps. You may find search engine optimisation a bit baffling at the start due to those technical terms such as SEM, PageRank, vertical Search, Keyword density, Algorithms, (read on...)

Ecommerce Hosting Considerations

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Website hosting can be a complex undertaking. Determining how much space you need, how much transfer, finding a reliable host, and getting everything online is no simple task. Add ecommerce to the mix and things become even more complex. This article will deal with some of those additional (read on...)