Why Social Media and SEO Are Becoming More and More Linked

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Social media and SEO are beginning to look more and more like each other each day. This means that SEO is taking on more and more characteristics of social media every day. This is not to say that SEO is turning into social media marketing where people communicate with each other on some sort of (read on...)

Popular Video SEO Tactics

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If you are not already using video content as an attractive strategy to reel in viewers and foot traffic, then you should be. The boom of the internet video wave has not died yet and it’s high time you take advantage of it. SO the question remains, how DO you take advantage of the current (read on...)

Promoting Your Business With Instagram

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While there is no capacity to allow links to various resources through the photographs, there is the option however to utilize hash tags in the comments section in an effort to further categorize any company specific photographs. These tags are extremely beneficial, as organizations have utilized (read on...)

Do Facebook Ads Work?

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The question of the effectiveness of Facebook advertising is something online marketers have pondered on since the social media giant opened its doors to advertisers in 2010. Facebook had at that stage already attracted over 400 million users, who could join for free, so the next logical step was (read on...)

Forget All This New Fangled Stuff – Use Email Instead

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We’ve heard it all before: “email is dead”, the headlines tell us. Forget email, they say, pointing out that people now use social media to exchange messages. Then we’re told that email is old-fashioned technology – after all the first email was sent 43 years ago in (read on...)

6 Reasons Why Your Mother Would Approve of SEO

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As a general rule, mothers try to bring their children up right. They encourage them to do their best, try their hardest and play by the rules. They want their children to be successful grown-ups and business owners. As the use of traditional advertising has become less effective, more people are (read on...)

SEO Submission Software: Top Social Media Sites for Link Building and SEO

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Creating high quality content for your marketing campaign is great. But good content doesn’t distribute itself. If you want to build loyal readership and spread the word about your business, then you need to use social media marketing. The Internet provides powerful marketing tools that (read on...)

Using Twitter to Increase SEO

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Search engines consistently use social media channels to rank peoples web pages. Twitter should be a critical part of your strategy for SEO. In some ways, Twitter is one of the best choices when it comes to searching online. Twitter is a rich source when it comes to search engine optimization (read on...)

Six Ways to Social Media Optimization – Achieve Your Business Goals

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SMO is the latest trend that is committed to bring a momentum shift in your business. Gaining worldwide popularity over the past few years, it has been successful in providing a virtual snowball effect. Nowadays, more and more online companies are using the social media marketing strategies or (read on...)

Twelve Points to Consider Before Hiring an In-House Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant

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When a Small, medium or big sized business needs a competent search engine optimization (SEO) consultant, there are four options available: 1 – Assemble a team of in-house webmasters, programmers and marketers to do the job. 2 – Contract the job to a specialized SEO company. 3 – (read on...)