Five Web Video Production Basics

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As the internet continues to grow and the attention span of the general audience continues to decrease, web videos have never been more important given their ability to be shared far and wide, to the broadest possible audience, as well as the ability to draw viewers in and transmit massive (read on...)

Bing Rolls the Dice on Social Media

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Word continues to spread about the new search that Bing will soon unveil. Drawing from the mountain of data that Facebook has made available to Microsoft, the new search will offer a customized and centralized search engine results page. Microsoft has already been using data from Facebook likes (read on...)

Website Building – 6 Tips That Will Increase Visibility

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What is the use of a website if no one can see it? It is obviously a complete loss of time, effort and money. Hence, right from the beginning of the website building you should focus on how to ensure full visibility of your site. There are many ways to ensure that your website stays on the top of (read on...)

The Social Media and SEO

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At present, social media is considered a part of everyone’s lives. In fact, two-thirds of people use social sites to get in touch with friends and families while the rest say they connect with friends they haven’t seen for years. However, these media platforms can be used not only for (read on...)

The Secret of Email Marketing

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As technological advances become more valuable to marketing strategies, many businesses have begun utilizing social media, websites, blogs, and the universal email strategies. While these marketing techniques are a valuable asset to any business, the physical location where your sales take place (read on...)

Give to Get Works!

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One of the biggest concerns about blogging is that you may give too much insight about your business techniques. Considering how helpful the internet has become: looking up “how to” rather than “who can do it for you” has become a practice that businesses wrongly (read on...)

Best Practices for Social Media Searches

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You have a web presence and you need it to allow others to find you. That means that you need to optimize your presence with keywords and phrases and you need to share (and syndicate) large amounts of content. With the challenge of optimizing your online content effectively, you are also going to (read on...)

Have Social Media Replaced Email Marketing?

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A recent study done by Prompt Communications in Boston concluded that Face book has replaced emailing as a way of staying in touch with friends: 96% used Facebook, followed by 93% using texting and 91% using emailing. However, Comm100. only one of the large companies with their hand on the (read on...)

1 Out of 1,400,000

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I did a quick search last night for the term Indianapolis web design. In just a few seconds Google returned 1,400,000 items.1,400,000 The sheer volume is staggering. How long do you think it would take to actually look through all those pages? I will never know, because like most  people, I (read on...)

Maximize Your Email Marketing Campaign

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While your Social Media communications should continue to play a vital role in your online marketing strategy, email is still a preferred method of receiving brand information for many customers. Take these points into consideration when optimizing your email marketing campaign: 1. (read on...)