Is It Time to Create a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plan?

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I’m one of those organized people you meet every now and then, someone who makes lists and outlines. After I participated in a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) webinar, the next logical step, at least in my mind, was to create a plan. And I did. My plan is written from the standpoint of (read on...)

How To Really Use Email In Internet Marketing And Get Customers To Buy

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At a recent conference in the Retail Industry many of the big “name” retailers agreed on a very interesting statistic. Email marketing is up to 25 times more effective than social media marketing. Yet it is often social media marketing that steals all the headlines. In our view, the (read on...)

Getting Started With Search Engine Optimization After Panda

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When you begin to look at driving traffic to your website, one of the terms that comes up the most often is search engine optimization or SEO. A little over a year ago, the game changed quite a bit as Google reformulated its algorithm, the basis for deciding what sites are relevant to particular (read on...)

Effective Social Media Persuasion Methods

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It is really important that your voice will not just be an added conversation; it has to be heard, reiterated, and appreciated, and the message must go viral and dominant. Keep in mind, you have to be influential. So what are the most effective methods to understand social media? First is (read on...)

Gain More Pinterest Followers With These Tips!

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We are all well aware about how effective utilizing social media for business can be. These days, there is a brand new social media site which you can make take advantage of – Pinterest! When it comes to social media campaigns, the most important determinant of your success will always be (read on...)

Guide to Having an Effective Social Media Plan

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Internet Marketing (or iMarketing) has a wide scope covering not only the advertisements made to sell the product but also the marketing done through wireless media. Nowadays, internet is a powerful tool for marketing because a lot of people are dependent on it for information and news. Small (read on...)

Measure the Performance of a Social Media Campaign Through These Three Social Media Metric Types

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For a thing to be improved, it should first be measured. If you have no idea what the outcomes are, you will not know whether there is a need for further improvement. This is applicable on social media marketing. You cannot enhance the performance level of your social media campaign if you are (read on...)

SEO in 2012: Best Social Media Marketing Tips To Use!

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Regardless of how small or big your business is, we cannot deny the fact that Internet marketing can go a long way when it comes to increasing product awareness. Today, social media marketing is an indispensable part of any online marketing campaign. This is a valuable platform which helps online (read on...)

Facebook Page Utilization For Online Business Owners

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Online businesses are a rage to date. The website design is important in this line of business because it can mirror the quality and appeal of the products. Website design is not only about the new designing apps and media content but it is also a must to associate search engine optimization in (read on...)

What You Should Be Doing With Your Brand and Social Media

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Being social is vital in any business. Whether you’re having a lunch meeting or drinks with your colleagues, keeping in touch and letting these people know that they can reach out to you, can make or break any business. Being sociable isn’t enough though. It’s also about letting (read on...)