Website statistics software – what can the new technology do for you?

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I once heard someone say that everyone hates to pay for gasoline, because you never see it. Buying something invisible is almost like having to pay a tax or a toll. The bright side, of course, is in the results – you get to drive your car, rather than being stranded by the side of the road. (read on...)

Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

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I thought I would share with you some stats about internet marketing which I found interesting. Now I know you are all probably familiar with the phrase “lies, damned lies and statistics” which is attributed to Mark Twain but nevertheless, market research companies spend millions of (read on...)

Do It Yourself Web Hosting

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Many people may know what a domain name is and that they should have one, as well as a web site, for their company or organization. What people may not know is that to have a domain go live on the Internet, they need to secure services to host that domain. People that run businesses and (read on...)

Email Marketing – Checking Your Email Statistics

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Quite a few people are involved in email marketing these days and making some fairly good profits. However there will be many people who could be earning a lot more money if they simply paid more attention to the statistics gathered from each individual email message that they send out. There (read on...)

Learn How to Keep Track of Your Video Statistics

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In this piece of writing you will learn how to track your videos statistics, specifically using You Tube and Tube Mogul. As mentioned above, there is great importance to be placed on the reason for tracking your videos statistics. It forms an imperative part of running a successful internet (read on...)

How to Track Statistics For Video Marketing

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This article will show you, for free, how you can track your statistics with You Tube and Tube Mogul. You Tube is one of the internet’s largest video hosting website and receives an enormous stream of traffic daily. Tube Mogul is a site that allows you to upload your videos to several video (read on...)

Monopolies – Only in the Real World?

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If you take a look at a database of more than 120 million domains, you get a lot of amazing information. Few people know, for instance, that 2% of all Web domains can be found on a single IP address. Just think of the power one possesses in controlling an IP address-like is (read on...)

The 4 Most Shameless Email Marketing Efforts

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Did that title make you click to read more? Well… undoubtedly or you wouldn’t be here reading now, would you? Anything with the implication of scandal is intriguing and people are curious. That’s exactly what you need to do to get people to open the emails you send out. So, what (read on...)