Flexible SEO Strategies

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Most thought-out websites start with an SEO plan, but one thing people fail to put in their SEO plan is flexibility. Flexible SEO strategies might not always be the most powerful, but they are the most versatile, which can be very valuable when main strategies fail or become outdated. One (read on...)

Some Beneficial Online Marketing Strategies

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Marketing has always been considered as one of the most important aspects of a business. Having a good marketing strategy is essential to address the target audience and get good business. There are a number of shortcomings linked to the conventional marketing techniques. These are nothing but (read on...)

Why Local SEO Is Easier Than Traditional SEO

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SEO for local placement is getting more and more popular these days and many Internet marketers do realize that it is much easier to set up a SEO strategy for local targeting than a global campaign. But what are the real secrets of local SEO placements and how can you become a real expert of (read on...)

Hiring an SEO Talent to Optimize Big Websites for Large Corporations – What Are the Challenges?

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Hiring a professional SEO talent with experience in managing and optimizing big websites for brand name corporations is becoming more and more challenging every day. At this moment, there are much more open SEO positions than the amount of candidates available to fill these positions. This is (read on...)

Using Videos To Attract Clients During The Holidays

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Some of you may be reluctant to jump on the video bandwagon but the fact is, video is becoming ever more popular on the Internet so you may as well jump right in and what could be a better time than during a special seasonal promotion? If you are giving away a lot of physical prizes and (read on...)

Learn A Keyword Research Strategy And Discover How To Outrank The Top-Ten On Google

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This article is a continuation from a previous article on how to do targeted keyword research as part of an effective search engine optimization plan. In our last article we talked about six things that are the basis and beginning of an advanced keyword research strategy. I would highly recommend (read on...)

Wholesale Email Marketing Strategy

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You are a cosmetics wholesaler dealing in variety of personal care items for women. You do not have a store since you do not sell to retail customers but have an office where retailers can visit to pick up goods or sign contracts. Your advantage lies in the extremely low rates you are able to (read on...)

Key Dates for Men Email Marketing Strategy

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In our example Marketing Strategy we have used a relatively small florist whose business is in her immediate geographic location. Her business can go from a famine to a feast. Valentine’s Day sees her run off her feet, likewise Melbourne Cup, but at other times she can be very quiet. (read on...)

No Hassle Home Renovations Email Marketing Strategy

十二月 17, 2010 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Email 

You are small home renovations builder with a largely local clientele. Your customers include existing home, units and townhouse owners looking to renovate their homes. To date your customers are mainly word of mouth or by advertising in the local paper. But times are tough and your future (read on...)

Relocation Pack Email Marketing Strategy

十二月 15, 2010 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Email 

How to stand out from the competition is a real challenge for Real Estate Agents. Consider someone new to the area, how do they judge who to approach, who to trust with what could be the biggest purchase of their life – their new home! This innovative strategy targets people moving into (read on...)

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