A Simple Guide to Email Marketing

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Email marketing There are many factors to consider when you are thinking about an email marketing campaign. The first rule of email marketing is only email people who have opted in. The Spam and Privacy Act provide stringent legislation in Australia with regards to collecting and using personal (read on...)

War Stories From the World of Email Marketing

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Sometimes it feels like war, doesn’t it? The rules seem to keep changing, especially with the introduction of social media and the emergence of tiny screens used by people with the attention span of a gnat. How do we get the attention of potential customers and how do we keep the attention (read on...)

What Is in That Email? Use of Subject Line

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You are sitting down to your computer, netbook, tablet, iPhone, smartphone, or whatever other technology gadget you use to review your incoming emails. You only missed a day and boom – 50 emails in 8 hours. How to sort through those emails outside of the known senders? That is where the (read on...)

The Importance of Having a Thought Provoking Email Subject Line

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In this article I will discuss the importance of having a thought-provoking subject line for your emails. I will share some common types of subject line that work well and grab the attention of your subscribers. Email marketing is a great and cost-effective way to build a good relationship with (read on...)

Tips for Coming Up With Creative Subject Lines for Your Emails

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The most important part of any email you sent out to your list is the subject line. Its only job is to get the reader to open and read the email. If that doesn’t happen, none of the rest of your email marketing matters. That’s why I spend more time crafting good subject lines then (read on...)

Why Email Campaigns Can Fail Miserably

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You may be absolutely convinced that email marketing is a useless platform that never generates sales leads or conversions. That may be the case for you. So, go ahead, blame it on the entire industry. Or, you can take a step back and analyze it from a new perspective. An email campaign is like a (read on...)

The Subject Line Debate

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Is it more important to have a short or long subject line? The answer to this is not I think simply a yes or no. The answer depends on what the email is setting out to do and who the target audience is. Business emails that are sent out to many recipients can be many different types, all of which (read on...)

Ugh! Not Another Newsletter!

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What sort of email do you prefer to read? An email from a friend or a corporate newsletter? Thought so. Here’s the real problem with the typical email newsletter: people don’t really want to read them. This may sound strange coming from someone who writes and sends email newsletters (read on...)

Want To Learn More About Email Marketing? Read On

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When people hear words like “email marketing,” what comes to mind immediately is spam, thus they shut their minds to what it has to offer. It’s a tough job to create email marketing campaigns that are engaging and get customers to buy, but it can be done. Reading the following (read on...)

Email Marketing – How to Keep ‘Em Reading and Improve ROI

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So, you’ve gathered the email addresses of customers and prospects, set up an account with a bulk email service, and now it’s time to send your first email blast. That’s great, but what kind of content should you include? What’s the best way to grab your customers’ (read on...)

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