Colocation and Redundancy

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Colocation is a form of web hosting that is very popular with businesses and those with more demanding hosting needs. Colocated hosting is where space in a data centre is rented out; individuals and companies can then use this space to store their web servers. The data centre provides the (read on...)

What Are the Advantages of Colocation?

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In the past decade the internet has become a pivotal part of business and it is becoming more and more important for many companies to have a solid web presence in order to be successful. This means that businesses, large and small, have to think about the traffic and number of visits their (read on...)

New Technologies Help Businesses Increase Profits

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New technologies play a central role in modern business operations. Businesses using the newest technologies are generally more productive and efficient than their competitors. If you are interested in increasing your company’s productivity while decreasing its costs, you should review the (read on...)

A New Vocabulary for Search Engines

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Search engines are getting better, faster, and “smarter” all the time. But with the millions of websites competing for search engine rankings, it can be a challenge to get your small business website not only indexed by the search engines, but also to get it ranked in the top of the (read on...)

An Introduction to Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

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Web hosting is a huge online business, this is simply because every website needs to be hosted somewhere on the internet. When it comes to choosing what type of hosting you need for your website the different types of hosting on offer can be fairly confusing. The two most popular types of hosting (read on...)

Why Choose Cloud Hosting?

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In previous years the main types of hosting that an individual or a business could choose from for their website were dedicated hosting or shared hosting. In the past few years, however, a different type of hosting has come very much to the fore. Cloud hosting is a web hosting option that many (read on...)

Is Managed Web Hosting Right for You?

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The process of setting up a website for your company or for personal use can be a daunting process, especially if you are starting out with little knowledge of the task at hand. One of the most important cornerstones of any website is the hosting. Web hosting is, in simple terms, a service that (read on...)

Benefits Of Understanding The Two Types Of Dedicated VPS

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One of the basic requirements if you are intending to successfully open a website is finding a reliable dedicated VPS. This is essential in ensuring your site is up and in good running order. The server hosting company should be capable of providing reliable and dependable quality service. VPS, (read on...)

Ways on How to Get Cost-Effective and Reliable Web Hosting Services

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In order to get the right IT products and services, organizations need to seek for more information about these products and services. With the Internet, you can get handy information on IT services like web hosting. Depending on the kind of websites which organizations have, there are suitable (read on...)

Dedicated VPS – Understanding The 2 Types Of Virtual Private Hosting

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If you are planning to open a website anytime soon, then one of the basic requirements to successfully do this is to find a reliable dedicated VPS host to bring your site up and running. This host service provider should be able to provide a dependable and reliable operation to ensure quality (read on...)

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