Top Level Domains: What Are Top Level Domains?

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Introducing ‘.wateveryoulike’ Brand real estate is about to create a whole new earth in our clouds. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) are the coordinators of unique web addresses, ensuring that computers can find one another across the world, and they (read on...)

What’s in a New gTLD?

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One of the most important parts of a URL is also the one that is almost always overlooked. This is the generic TLD or the gTLD. A generic TLD is the last part of the URL that is entered into a browser. For example, if one were to visit “www.”, the gTLD would be the (read on...)

Transferring a Domain Name

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The domain name transfer process is a reasonably simple procedure. Understanding it can help you manage it better, and not let it become a procedure too complex for you to handle. Domain name transfer processes vary with (TLD’s) – .com/.net/.org/.us/.biz/.info, etc. In general they (read on...)

How to Pick a Domain Name For Your Website

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When you’re ready to launch your first website, you’ve got to get a domain name.¬†While there isn’t anything inherently hard about choosing the domain name for your website, it is extremely important and worth taking a few minutes to make sure you do well. After all, your domain (read on...)

Investing in Domain Names

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If you are thinking of investing in domain names it’s important that you understand your market. Top Level Domains or TLDs are growing by the day, some would say that this is a great way for certain bodies to make even more cash and some would say that it opens up the domain name market to (read on...)