Should You Be Selling With Features or Benefits on Facebook?

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When you are writing Facebook ads, are you selling with benefits or features? Or both? I know, I know, you’ve all heard the old marketing adage, “Sell with benefits, not features.” But your market is savvy, and they could respond well if you give them both-strategically. If you (read on...)

Article Marketing: Better For Traffic Short-Term Or Long-Term?

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Article marketing to generate traffic for your website is fairly straight forward. The first step is to generate good quality articles; and this means an article that has good information for the reader. These articles have good content, meaning they have information that a reader can use or (read on...)

3 Key Methods Of Email Marketing For Instant Success

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Without traffic, there is no reason to have a website because it is similar to owning a store that is hidden in an alley that no one knows of. Obviously, the solution to this problem is advertising so that you can get the word out to potential customers. The bottom line is the more traffic, the (read on...)

3 Ways To Create A Successful Email Marketing Message

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The average person has been sent hundreds, if not thousands of emails, since they got their first computer. Many of these emails will have been from online businesses using email marketing in order to increase their internet business sales or for traffic generation. As most people tend to delete (read on...)

Traffic Generation Through Strategic Email Marketing

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If you are the proud owner of an internet business then you are most likely looking for a fresh new innovative way to get traffic generation. The bad news is that it is going to be difficult coming up with completely original ideas on how to build a customer base. The good news is that you can (read on...)

SEO Tips For Bringing Traffic To Your Website

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Keyword Search: The most important purpose of good SEO is quality keyword search. Do not forget to have persistence while searching and executing plans. Take the required time necessary for every given job. Looking for the correct keywords may require a great deal of time as well as persistence. (read on...)

Video Marketing – How To Get Hoards Of Visitors To Your YouTube Videos

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Video marketing is a powerful way of getting traffic to your website, unfortunately, it’s not as simple as making a video, uploading it and watching the traffic flow in. It’s not even as simple as optimizing you description and tags for keywords that you’ve researched which is (read on...)

Keyword Search Website Ranking

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How It Is Possible to Get High Keyword Search Website Ranking? How does one get a top keyword search site ranking? There are numerous things that go into this but one of the key contributors to your success on this front is getting many backlinks to your internet site for the keywords (read on...)

Five Common Components That Affect Search Engine Rankings

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Understanding the components that affect your search engine rankings will help you better optimize your website to make the most of each one. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can rank higher in Google and other search engines with some effort and planning on their part. Here are five common (read on...)

Mastering the BUOY Effect

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Getting the word out about your website, business, or content can be tough. I would like to introduce a term I learned from Internet Income University called the BUOY Effect. This simple principle will not only make your online goals more focused and powerful, but help set you on the right track (read on...)