The Social Media Tools Of the Future

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Facebook isn’t all that, is it? From an SEO perspective, it really is a great way to generate traffic; yet, it is not the only way. In fact, just using Facebook may limit your variety of content for social media. By this I mean its simply best to not put all your eggs in one basket, nor (read on...)

How To Speak Fluent "TweetSpeak"

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So you sign in and see: “I tweeted this RT from @aplusk and my followers freaked. I even got DMs and it was almost a TT! #lamepeopleirritateme”. Brain melting? Don’t worry, it’s not as strange as it looks. Starting with RT. Quite awhile ago Tony Hawk posted “RT (read on...)

How To Avoid The YouTube Slap In Six Easy Lessons!

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The infamous “Google Slap” did not slap any internet marketers in the funny bone. Uttering those words is much like saying “Voldemort” to a Harry Potter wizard. Eyes widen, quakes happen. New demons lurk on the internet marketer’s horizon. YouTube and Twitter are (read on...)

Does Google Have You on Overdrive? Expert Search Engine Optimization Advice

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As we all know there has been a lot of changes to Google within the past few months. While there has been some subtle ranking changes to some websites, there has been significant changes to others. These changes are due to a recent change in Google’s algorithm. This new algorithm is more of (read on...)

Why Email Marketing Will Always Stick Around

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Not too long ago, email was all the rage when communicating with not just clients, but family and friends as well. The same is somewhat true today, but the popularity has taken somewhat of a backseat with the rise of Twitter and Facebook, companies who share similar methods of communicating with (read on...)

SEM – What Will the Future Bring For Search Engine Marketing?

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When we think about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and how it’s used most effectively today, it is fairly easy to see that there are really two major facets that make up the overall practice: 1. Traditional Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO);2. Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing. This model (read on...)

Marketing – Using Web Design Themes – Is it a Good Idea Or Not?

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Many folks just getting started off on the web with their first site choose to go the pre-designed theme route. And as abundantly available as ready-to-use website themes are, at first it wouldn’t seem like all that bad of an idea at all. After all, the idea is to find an existing design (read on...)

SEO Meets Twitter, a Heated Debate

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Almost everyone these days knows about Twitter, and a good chunk of those have one themselves. But is Twitter beneficial to SEO, or is it just nice to have one? Twitter can be beneficial to SEO. Given the fact that ALL tweets that are made are going to be “nofollow”s, but you can post (read on...)

Increase Visibility by Marketing Videos Created For Your Website

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If you have not been using videos on your website as a way to increase visibility and market your business and Orange County ecommerce website, what have you been waiting for? While we do not advocate throwing videos on your site just to have them up there, we are fairly certain that you can find (read on...)

What is AOL?

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What the heck is Does anyone remember? Upon arriving home to Orlando the other evening, I sat down on a bench to wait for my bag at the airport. As I sat and messed with my phone, I overheard a woman walking by who was giving her email address to the person on the other end of the (read on...)