Your Finest Video Sales Letter Service Review

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Most people are driven by their false belief thinking that in order to get attention from online visitors, they need to spend long hours and pay huge amount to video creators to produce enticing videos with special effects. Some people have even availed to several services only to increase sales (read on...)

How We Use Video Advertising To Find Customers and Leads For Your Business

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How do you spend your time online? Do you research products or services you want to buy, or visit your friends on Facebook to see what they are doing, or check in on LinkedIn to see who you can connect with professionally? Maybe you watched some video advertising while you were there. Video is a (read on...)

Video Marketing Made Easy: Shooting the Right Videos the Right Way

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As customers today continue to grow more and more demanding of instant gratification, it’s important for your business to find a way to keep their attention. Though you can write a series of engaging blog posts or offer a free newsletter course, one of the best ways to get people interested (read on...)

The Next Rich Media

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Creative advertising in the digital space moves quickly with new formats and media channels popping up all the time. In the webs infancy it was all about simple web banners usually animated Gifs flickering at the maximum frame rate with promises of a 1,000,000th user prize. As online advertising (read on...)

Video Preview Is the New Trend

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We’ve had video online now for a number of years and the viewing experience has been improving throughout that time. However, we are all still faced with “click, wait, & stutter.” If it’s content we REALLY want to watch, we tolerate it. If it’s content then (read on...)

Video Marketing – Is YouTube Your Best Option For Hosting Your Videos?

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YouTube was created to host and deliver videos. Was it built though for all types of content including your marketing videos? No, it wasn’t, evidenced by the sales of “pre-roll” advertising rights at the front of any video. However, there is a reason to use YouTube. The reason (read on...)

How to Succeed With Video Ads

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One of the things that I have mentioned time and time again in my previous articles and online ventures is the importance of generating quality back links to all of your online sites. In order for you to do this you need to get a link from a site that has a high importance rating (ranking) to the (read on...)

Tips For Making a Good Video Ad

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You’ve probably heard that banner advertising is dead. Everything today is about rich media. Advertisers are competing with a lot of other content on the webpage. How do you grab your customer’s attention? Why not give video advertising a try? Too expensive you might think, or you (read on...)

Why People Like to Market With Videos

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Video marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing on the planet. YouTube is quickly becoming one of the main ways that people search for things when they need quick information. Any time that happens, you can be sure that marketers will be right behind it, attempting to use it as a (read on...)

Internet Video Creators – What is Your Money-Making Plan?

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You post videos up on YouTube for free. Free — meaning they don’t pay you. Or, if they pay you, it is a small percentage of the revenue you generated. Moreover, as the company grows, premium content will box out low budget productions. Your content will generate less and less and (read on...)