Use a Video Sales Page to Transform Your Sales

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At one time the only way of promoting a product, service or business on the internet was via the long sales page. The problem with this method soon became apparent. The potential customer was just not prepared to read through all that text. Thankfully all that is now changing with modern (read on...)

Why Long Play Video Sales Letters Can Significantly Increase Your Profits

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If you’ve been anywhere in the internet marketing space recently, you’ve probably noticed a virtual flood of websites using long play video in place of traditional sites with written sales copy. The reason behind this may or may not be obvious, but the reality is that this new wave of (read on...)

How to Produce a Video Sales Page That Gets Results

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Video sales pages have been in the mix for some years now. This is because the number of internet marketers who use video to present their sales messages has grown. The internet is going through a very large social development. Video is one of the main factors that have fueled this change. On a (read on...)

Increase Site Traffic With Simple Video Sales Ads

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To increase site traffic with promotional videos is up to the minute, extremely easy and highly effective. Simple video sales ads to promote your websites, blogs, sales pages or even squeeze pages can prove to be a very successful mode of free advertising and marketing. It’s both quick and (read on...)

YouTube Views Bot – Why NOT To Use These

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Most everyone would love to increase their video views on YouTube. It looks much better to have thousands of views showing for your video as opposed to just a pathetic dozen or so views. Many people have turned to using what’s known as a YouTube views bot. This is an automated system or (read on...)

The Secret To Making Massive Online Sales By Getting More YouTube Hits

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This article is all about increasing sales through online video marketing especially by getting more You Tube hits. Marketing has been an integral part of sales since ages ago, without marketing the customers are unaware of the product or service. When internet started business men did not give (read on...)

Using Video As a Viable and Profitable Sales Tactic

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If you’re not using video in your marketing, you’re missing out. Video is really easy to produce and it can be put together in almost real time. Think about how that’s possible in the written word. Unless you’re an incredibly speedy typist, it just isn’t! Plus, with (read on...)

10 Tips For Using Video to Market Your Business

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It’s pretty amazing how video is quickly becoming the #1 method used to sell on the internet. No matter what product or service you offer, you should be using video to market your business. That’s because different customers respond better to video than they do to text. By using both (read on...)

3 Reasons to Use Videos to Promote Your Products and Services

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If you are contemplating on using videos to promote your products and services then you need to know the major reasons of using videos in your promotional efforts. Video marketing is not just another medium of marketing its a powerful way to convey your message to your target audience. There are (read on...)

Video Marketing

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Video now is making strong moves in the online world, with sites like YouTube which is the 3rd most visited site on the internet and practically a search engine in itself. The way we use video now to interact with our chosen audience is going to greatly enhance the way in which we do (read on...)