The Challenge And the Future Of The Video SEO

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Video SEO is the optimization of video content for maximum search engine traffic and exposure. Your video will appear in video search engines as well as in organic search engines and all the traffic will be pointed to your site. The aim of the video SEO is to assist the search engines in (read on...)

The Magic of Video to Increase Lead Capture and Conversions

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With the age of texting and emailing at its highest, the art of face to face interactions has become less common. People would rather send a quick text than have a phone call; they would rather have a quick phone call than see someone face to face. This is where video marketing has found its (read on...)

How Do I Get My Videos to Get Traffic From the Search Engine?

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Creating videos to promote your business is one of the great strategies you could ever use. Can you believe that twice as many people search YouTube versus Google search engine? Google wins either way. Today, internet users’ average attention span is measured in seconds. Once your visitor (read on...)

5 Easy Steps to Creating a Video For Internet Marketing

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Video Marketing is a fun and free way to brand yourself and generate leads to your business. YouTube is one the most used sites on the internet today, worldwide. YouTube is owned by Google and the search engines love content videos. With the right keywords, your video could rank high on a content (read on...)

The Marketing Power of Video Search Engine Optimization

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Take your mind out of a business role and just be a web surfer for a minute. When you perform a search on one of the major search engines; take a look at what you get. You get more than just search results…you get blogs, images, products, news and videos. Notice, I wrote videos. Now, put (read on...)