Popular Video SEO Tactics

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If you are not already using video content as an attractive strategy to reel in viewers and foot traffic, then you should be. The boom of the internet video wave has not died yet and it’s high time you take advantage of it. SO the question remains, how DO you take advantage of the current (read on...)

Video Marketing: How to Use YouTube to Boost Your Web Site’s SEO Rankings

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Seeing that there are more than 20 billion web pages on the internet, the competition to get the best position on the Internet is huge. It is vital to keep in mind that there is not a single SEO technique that will guarantee you the top ranking on a Google results page. However, if you combine (read on...)

Different Types of Video Production Companies Can Utilize

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You can scarcely stumble upon a website without seeing a web video. They are everywhere. Since the emergence of YouTube it has been hard to apply them towards practical everyday use. We use them for how-to videos, movie and TV clips, home videos, web courses and to even bring people to justice. (read on...)

How To Boost Your Marketing Campaign With Video SEO

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Having a video about your product and services is definitely not enough for your brand to be found online. Video SEO is what will make this possible for you. It is the use of the various tools and techniques that can help your videos bag the top ranks in search engines like Google and (read on...)

Web TV Presents Your Business!

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While most would agree that video on the web is becoming a premier medium for promoting business, exactly how to go about leveraging this tremendously powerful and potentially profitable technology remains a mystery. Do you grab a video camera and some software and go the DIY route? Or do you (read on...)

What Is Video SEO?

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Video SEO is the use of optimisation methodologies to improve the visibility of your videos and screencasts in Google, YouTube and other search engines. The value of video SEO (VSEO) comes from the fact that it has the potential to entice and retain a more targeted audience, increase brand (read on...)

The Best Way To Set Up A YouTube Video For Google

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A video is over 50 times more likely to appear at the top of page one of Google for any particular keyword phrase than a website, and that’s a fact. Why is that? Well, partly because video is given more relevance than text, partly because YouTube is a part of Google (even though videos from (read on...)

What You Need to Know About Video in 2012

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Are you wondering about using video in your marketing efforts? Here’s what you need to know about video in 2012 and how it can benefit your business. Adding Video Can Improve Your Site Ranking Google’s algorithm changes have affected many online businesses in 2011. While these updates (read on...)

YouTube Video SEO Marketing With 11 Crucial Tips to Use for More Views and a Better YouTube Ranking

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Before you start YouTube video SEO marketing you need to know a few key factors of how your YouTube videos will rank which is determined by a number of things. First of all is anyone searching for your keywords that you are using in your video title? Do some keyword researches first before you (read on...)

How Online Video Marketing Can Help Get New Leads and Close More Deals

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The falling cost of technology, the growth of Internet usage and the rise of social networking sites have created great conditions for increased consumption of Online Video. The Interactive Advertising Bureau reports that online video advertising shot up by 42% in 2011, while the overall (read on...)