11 Types of Videos You Can Create and Put Out on YouTube to Market Your Business

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If you are not harnessing YouTube to market your business, you should start doing it immediately. These are two good reasons why: every hour over 4 years’ worth of video is uploaded to YouTube; by 2013, 90% of all traffic on the internet will be on video. In this article I am sharing with (read on...)

Getting a YouTube Channel For Your Business

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Since the establishment of YouTube by 3 employees from PayPal, it literally has become the biggest platform to post videos about almost everything. While it appears to be primarily about entertainment and gossip, its potential as an advertising platform for business is unparalleled. So how can (read on...)

Video Marketing – Why Should You Use It?

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You will probably have noticed that many of the top marketers online now use videos rather than long sales pages to promote their latest products or services or sometimes a combination of both. So what makes videos so successful in marketing campaigns? One reason video works is because it has the (read on...)

Video Testimonials – One Mind Blowing Technique for How to Get Them

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Okay, so you have a great service or you’re selling a product that people absolutely love, how to get them to give you a testimonial, a video testimonial at that? Well, this first method is so absolutely creative that it will just blow your mind. Are you ready? Okay, here it comes… (read on...)

The Best Way to Make a Video Testimonial

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Do not try to do this with fake testimonials. That is never a good thing! Testimonials are what the name implies, a testimony of an individual. So the only ones who should be doing them are the ones who have earned it. But, how do you go about making a video testimonial? Here are a few guidelines (read on...)

Video Testimonials Will Boost Sales

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A lot of people nowadays have fallen victim to fraud on the Internet, making them much more cautious as to who they trust for services and goods online. But, shopping online still is the most convenient and easy way for people to go. If you own a website or business on the Internet, then your job (read on...)

Video Testimonial

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Video has become mainstream for business owners. Recording your business on film used to be prohibitively expensive and out of reach for most small businesses. Now with all of the new mobile video devices flooding the market, it is becoming more and more accessible to everyone. While there are a (read on...)

Use Video Testimonials to Convert Visitors Into Customers

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If you’re marketing your business online then a video testimonial could be what turns traffic to your website into the customers you want. Driving traffic to your website has never been an easy feat. If you’re in the business market, turning traffic into potential customers can be a (read on...)