How to Be Successful in Web Hosting

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You want to be an entrepreneur. You are an expert web design professional- or you want to start in this field. For a web design company that is just starting up, it makes sense to decide the list of services that are to be offered. If you have basic programming skills in addition to web design, (read on...)

How to Prevent Click Fraud in Pay Per Click Advertising: Tips and Suggestions

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Pay per click is a cost-effective online advertising strategy that provides prompt results by means of instant visibility and easy result tracking. With every click on the PPC ad, the advertiser has to pay a decided amount to the publisher. When done in a legitimate manner, PPC can be seen as a (read on...)

Search Optimisation For The Clueless

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Everyone who has a website wants to get found – even if it’s by your mother or your favorite uncle. What you want them to find you for is another matter. Getting found by people who are interested in buying what you have to offer depends on targeting the keyword searches those people (read on...)