Search Marketing Agency – Comprehensive Services for Better Results

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When your website is among a million others floating in cyberspace, when your marketing message and customer communication is one among billions of them bombarding the customer at all times, you cannot afford to merely build a website and hope to have people visiting it in droves, reaching out to (read on...)

Domain Name: What Is It For?

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Technically a Domain Name is an identifiable location in the web defined by the Domain Name System. There are hierarchies and it is complicated, but the bottom line is do we understand what it is and what it is for? That we are going to find out here. Currently the world-wide use of the internet (read on...)

Why Web Designers Don’t Build SEO Friendly Sites

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After spending tens of thousands of dollars building my third website with a ‘top’ web designer and being unhappy with the results, I finally took the time to study SEO and website optimization. I read several books on search engine optimization, including The Art of SEO (by Stephen (read on...)

How to Promote Your Website to the Top of Google

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One of the challenges faced by would be web developers is the question of traffic. How can I get visitors to come to my website? Oftentimes, the most popular source of traffic is Google, but this requires you know how to get ranked well on Google. Here are a few tips we’ve accumulated over (read on...)

Does Hoarding of Domain Names Slow Web Progress?

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At some stage we have all had an idea for a great new web site along with it’s perfect domain to boot. The problem that comes up next is finding the domain is already registered… By a name squatter. This is a problem I and many other web developers face all the time, people buying out (read on...)

How to Zoom Up the Google Rankings

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Target: Google’s First Page As the premiere search engine around, Google has bragging rights to being the most sought after basis for any website’s popularity. It is the go-to guru on every category imaginable-from corporate stocks to housekeeping-Google knows best. What many do not (read on...)