What Are Affiliate Marketing and Search Engine Optimization?

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Affiliate Marketing is simply selling someone else’s product and receiving a portion of the sale for your efforts. To make this even clearer, consider the following real world situation as an example of how Affiliate Marketing works on the Internet. You stand on a street corner next to a (read on...)

PPC Campaigns For Affiliate Newbies

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Many novice affiliates would bump into many unfamiliar terminologies. One of which is the famous PPC. If you have no idea what it means to “run a PPC campaign”, “tweak keywords” and “optimize to get better results”, then read on! Let’s start from the very (read on...)

The Google Sandbox – What is it and Does it Really Exist?

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The Google Sandbox is basically a time period that websites must wait in order to start ranking for high competitive keywords. It’s a filter system that Google places on new websites which have little to no trust. There are many theories on the internet regarding the Google sandbox as (read on...)

The Core Principles of Search Engine Marketing

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Making money online and what I call ‘search engine marketing’ isn’t rocket science, but it can feel extremely overwhelming and difficult when you’re starting out on your journey. Here I have compiled a couple of the key principles that have helped me throughout my journey (read on...)

Pay Per Click Search Marketing – Why People Flush Money Down the Crapper

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Pay per click search marketing is a awesome way to succeed fast, but its also a good way to burn cash fast. Most people do the latter of the two… Frustration hits and then they quit, only to talk about to how pay per click marketing is a “dangerous playground” and that no one (read on...)

SEO – What is Search Engine Optimisation? How SEO Will Benefit You

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Search engine optimisation (optimization) a.k.a SEO SEO is a technique used to gain website exposure in the Google, Msn, Bing and Yahoo – clear guidelines are provided by the search engines showing what ethical techniques should be used to get better exposure for your website. Search engine (read on...)

What is a Domain Name?

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A domain name is your exclusive Web address, the unique name that identifies an Internet site, for example: heretohelpyou.com. A domain name, often referred to as a URL, is a key component of your website’s identity and branding online. Having a domain name builds credibility for your (read on...)

A Simple Guide to Search Engine Marketing

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Search engine marketing is by far the most efficient and effective way to advertise your business. With over 86% of internet users using Google as their search engine, the need for your business to show on the first page of Google has never been greater. Many people are unaware of search engine (read on...)