What Is SEO and How Can I Properly and Safely Use It For My Website?

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What is SEO? SEO is an acronym short for “Seach Engine Optimization” or the practice of optimizing your website to be seen by the search engines for keywords your site may be targeting. For example, if your site is a content site about weight loss, then you’ll probably be trying (read on...)

How Do I Get Visitors to My Site? (The Truth About SEO)

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Think of your site as a physical location. How would you get people to come and see you? Direct mail, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, word of mouth, flyers, business cards, T-shirts, packaging, FaceBook, Twitter, email campaigns, banner ads on websites – traditional advertising works for (read on...)

Get Valuable Search Engine Optimization Tips Online

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It is needless to say that employing the correct online marketing techniques is a must to promote your business on the virtual world. There are many businesses that offer the same services and products which have certainly made the online market very competitive. However, hiring a marketing firm (read on...)

Organic SEO Service Provider: What Is SEO?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) comprises of several techniques that help search engines find and rank your website higher than other sites. The more often a site appears in search results list, the more traffic it will receive. Search engines measure the relevance of your website based on (read on...)

Most Important Thing For Driving Traffic, SEO!

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If you are wondering “How Do I Get More Traffic To My Website?” SEO is probably what you are missing. What is SEO? It’s the best FREE traffic you can get online. (Search Engine Optimization) SEO done properly will get you the top spot on search engines. Do realize that 85% of (read on...)

What’s the Difference Between SEO, SEM, and SMM?

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Buzz words come and go, but some are here to stay! Take for example, SMM, SEM, and SEO. Are they just a jumble of confusing letters, or are they important? What do these terms actually mean, and why does that matter to the business owner? · SMM is short for “social media marketing” (read on...)

Optimize the New Year – 5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Website SEO

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It’s a new year with new goals for your website and your business. What do you have planned to improve the SEO of your website? Do you have plans for this? You certainly should and, with these 5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Website SEO, you can optimize the New Year for your website and (read on...)

SEO: Doing It Right The First Time

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO -as it is popularly known as- is the internet marketing strategy of improving the visibility of a website in the search engine results. The objective of SEO is to academically improve the organic search results. SEO works on the premise that the more frequently a (read on...)

What Is SEO And Why You Should Apply It

December 10, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: SEO 

Like offline marketing, internet marketing is a cut throat business whereby you need to equip yourself with the basics and fundamentals to set your foundations right before you can even think about making money online. That is where SEO comes into place to help you. SEO stands for Search Engine (read on...)

What Is SEO? A Basic Guide for Small Business

November 24, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: SEO 

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a foreign word to many small business owners. Some know what it is but think it’s irrelevant, many others have no idea what it is and don’t care to know. It is important however and I defy any business to provide me with an argument why it’s (read on...)

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